Thursday, October 05, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

I feel like each week inevitably fills itself with a bunch of adulty things that take up a lot of time and/or money, last week it was the hot water tank, this week it was the mechanic. It's not my favourite but on to the next day and week we go. This week I am thankful for:

1. Run for the Cure. Thankful that we can join together with family and community for a common goal of honouring those who have dealt with breast cancer and hope for a better future. So fun to run with Koen and my nieces. Pretty soon all the kids will be leaving the moms in the dust. Thank you to those that donated to the cause, I appreciate your generosity and support!
Run for the Cure Abbotsford

2. Foster parent support. October if Foster Family Month in BC and I wrote a post entitled "Why I Can Say Goodbye to My Foster Child" in response to the most common statement I get upon learning that I am a foster parent. It is now my second most viewed post ever so thank you for the support on that, friends. I should also so that I am thankful that Baby is healthy and doing well–major developmental changes which means things have gotten a lot busier around here!

3. More good food. I'm always thankful for good food. We've been eating a lot more vegetarian meals plus avocados on sale. Yumminess all around.

Yummy vegetarian meals

4. Renovations. Bittersweet. Change is good but costs money and sometimes creates stress. I struggle with change because I do get attached to parts of our home and the memories we've had. Our 8 year old struggles with this too. Some things we are updating are: floors, counters, backsplash, our bed, and front door paint colour. Our new counters are going in today. They are the biggest renovation cost but we have been in our home for 12 years and plan for 12 more so we do want to love where we live. Dark laminate is being replaced by light and bright quartz.

Kitchen Renovation
Before photo

5. Work. It's good for my mental health to be subbing at the high school once a week and getting paid obviously helps (hello, $600 mechanic bill this week).

6. Hockey. I love playing ball hockey and think that it's important for my kids to see me doing things for myself and not letting age hold me back. After years of watching my boys play, they get to watch me too! Big high five to my friend Leah for babysitting two kids as Gary had night class while Kai and I were playing.

7. Polly Pockets for $1. We found an awesome yard sale on our way to the Applebarn. Nya has been asking for Polly Pockets for the past month and we found a whole bag for $1. Win win. We also got four mini hockey sticks ($1 total) and the next size hockey gloves for Kai ($1).

8. A great family day at the Applebarn. It's nice having a baby that naps on the go but we have definitely being staying closer to home these days. The Applebarn was the perfect way to spend a fun morning together as a family.

Kart track at the Applebarn at Taves Family Farm

9. Volunteering in Nya's class. I will likely only volunteer one time but it worked as I was going to be teaching in the afternoon. It was good to get to know her classmates more and see what her day looks like. It also affirmed that I am definitely a high school teacher as painting with 5-year-olds stresses me out.

10. Physiotherapy coverage. I have finally started going for myself in order to address problems with my abs and pelvic know, how pregnancy can completely change your muscles, nerves, organs etc. I've been very happy with where I've gone (Diane Lee & Associates if you are looking for a place that deals with it) and the ultrasound this past week shows that progress has been made.

I hope you have a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. What is something you are thankful for today?


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