Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

This week was as bit easier to focus on all I'm grateful on as it was Thanksgiving after all! Seeing everyone's thankful posts on social media was uplifting and I enjoyed seeing all that people are thankful for. This week I am thankful for:

1. New counters in without a hitch. So glad it went well. As mentioned previously we have a lot of  issues with our new floors so it's nice for something to go as it's meant to! We're very happy with the counters we have and are looking forward to getting the backsplash done soon.

2. Watching Kai work. The kids had five days at home in a row so he spent some time working on his solar system project. He was interested in everything and worked well on his own. So grown up! I just kept laughing as he was saying things like "The Kuiper Belt is just so cool it's distracting me from my work!" Ha. PS Gary and I got a new desk which works well for the kids doing homework on Gary's side.

3. Sunshine. The best thing to happen when I'm at home with all the kids by myself is nice weather. Everyone does better outside.

4. A swing in the basement. We moved it indoors for the winter and the kids are getting so much use out of it. From spinning as fast as they can to playing games like Ninja Warrior, it is well used.

5. Gluten-free options. We recently had Koen tested for food intolerances and he came up with several which included wheat, gluten and sesame (sesame was the highest--so unusual!). So, we are getting him to go GF and sesame-free and will see if it makes a difference in his well-being. Thankfully there are so many options available these days.

6. Appreciation from birth mom. Every situation is different but Baby's mom is so kind to me and expresses her thankfulness and appreciation for me each time we meet. Friends, what a privilege to care for another woman's child and to have her be so grateful for it in this tricky situation.

7. A good time at the Cranberry Festival in Fort Langley. It's not that it's very exciting but it's just nice to be wandering the streets with some sweet samples and fun atmosphere, oh, and it's free.

8. Grandma turning 71! Happy birthday to Gary's mom, what a gift 71 years of life is. Kai is officially taller than her now! I can see how much he looks like a Chapman and yet when I see my dad's childhood photos, he looks like him too.

9. Time to read. Gary is gone this week so I made sure I took ample time to read over the weekend. 

10. A sunny Monday to explore Port Kells Nurseries. We love their pumpkin patch and all of the activities. It's free and close to home (well, pumpkins cost money but the entrance and activities are free!). I bought a new planter.

I hope you had some sunshine and were able to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in some way. What are you thankful for today?



  1. Which day were you in Fort Langley? I walked where your footsteps walked just days after! I thought of you when we went by the signs on the highway for Surrey both going and coming.

    1. We were there on Saturday! We usually go about once a month so it made me smile when I had seen you were there :) We're only a few blocks from Langley so not that far away!

    2. We saw the posters for the Cranberry Festival. What a beautiful, historic town! The boys were very excited to see the trains going by. The old historic train station was just like some you would see in movies - I wonder if it has been used on sets before? I had seen some of the sites of the town from wedding sessions that you and Gary had done there in the past. My family sort of kids me when I talk of my friend, Louise - but I do really consider you my friend. Hope the rest of your week goes well!

    3. It is beautiful and I'm not sure if it's been used in the movies but it's defnitely well used for photo sessions for families and weddings. And yes, we are friends! Hope your week goes well too!

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