Wednesday, October 11, 2017

When Netflix Sends You Googling

Anyone else love being exposed to history through fictional books or movies? I recently read Moloka'i and learned all about the history of a leper colony in Hawaii. Immediately after I had to google to see what was true and what was fictional. The same thing has happened when watching Netflix! There are several series that we have watched where I have had to head off to google and see what the characters really look like and how close to reality the events were. What are some of my favourites?
What shows on Netflix can give you a history lesson while providing entertainment?

The Crown: Based on the life of Princess Elizabeth. It's sort of embarrassing how little I knew of the royal family and I now find them so much more fascinating. It is very well done and beautiful to watch.

The Crown on Netflix

Narcos: The true story of the drug cartels in Columbia–especially the life of Pablo Escobar. Gary spent some of his childhood years in Columbia which makes this even more interesting. Warning that it is very violent. 

Narcos on Netflix

Queen of Katwe: A nine-year-old Ugandan girl becomes a chess champion and it is based on a true story. We loved watching this one as a family.

Queen of Katwe on Netflix
Screenshot from Netflix

Hacksaw Ridge: During World War II, Desmond Doss is an army medic and conscientious objector which means he never held a gun but was able to make a great impact.

Hacksaw Ridge on Netflix
Screenshot from Netflix

What is a show that you have watched that sent you googling afterward? 


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  1. Oh, I'm going to have to check these out! I don't watch a ton of netflix (just because...TIME!), but I can definitely see myself watching these.

    1. I hope you enjoy one of them! I will warn you that Narcos is very violent and there is some nudity and language. The Crown is very safe to watch ;)