Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fall Family Photos

Family photos are important to me and whether we do it ourselves or pay someone else, all I want are some great ones with my kids and then as a whole family. Seeing the sunshine yesterday, coupled with the gorgeous leaves, I made the quick decision that we would get photos that day. The kids and Gary agreed to it, we chose the closest park to our home, and wore clothes that weren't exciting but are very "us". Well, let's be honest, sports shorts and hats are what the boys would prefer but they were willing to wear jeans. For an hour. We went midday which is a no no on a bright sunny day but cooperative kids took precedent. Here are some photos of my lovely crew:

And an outtake because everyone needs to know that this was not easy and that there is always tackling involved.

I would encourage you to make the time for family photos. Whether you set up the timer, have a friend do it, or get professional photos done, these kids grow up so quickly! I've never regretted making my family do this. We need to get our remote shutter fixed because the timer does not allow for a lot of lifestyle/interaction type photos which is what I'd prefer–there's always next year! How often do you get family photos done?



  1. These are great! We do basically the same. We're doing a photo swap this year, but I want ours done in SPring, so I'll just use the timer for our Christmas one this year ;)

  2. These are awesome!! Love the one of you and your kids :)