Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

What a whirlwind of a week! We had a lot of stress with the installation of a hot water tank and subsequent gas leak. Followed that by the addition of a little girl and it's been busy. What am I thankful for this week?

1. The donation of clothing and a stroller. We've never had a child under the age of one while fostering so I was thankful for friends donating clothes. I also needed a small stroller for the van for school drop off and pick ups and another friend gave us hers. So thankful!

2. Avocados for $3.95! You'll see them in a few other pictures below ;) Yumminess plus saving money equals happy me.

3. The perfect foster placement for our family. We were not in the place for a long-term placement and God provided the perfect little Lovie who will be with us for just a short while. Thankful that her mama trusts and appreciates us :)

4. Being able to donate blood! My hemoglobin number just made the cut. Please, please, please sign up to donate today. I'll make it easy. Here is the link for Canadians: Canadian Blood Services. 

5. Nacho night. Yum. Easy. 

6. Taco Soup. Easy. Yum.

7. Hockey. I used to play 16 years ago and loved it so much. Once I moved out to Surrey I stopped playing (although I did play football for a good five years in there!). I recently discovered a women's ball hockey league 10 minutes from my home! I played on Tuesday and was incredibly nervous going in. I had no idea if I would be the oldest, slowest, most out-of-shape woman out there and I fit in totally fine. It was awesome and important–it brought back a piece of me that I've been missing these past few years.

8. Fellow bloggers. Although this is not my job I take this space seriously. I value community and love learning and sharing what I've learned. If I encourage one person to donate blood or consider fostering, then my week is made! I am thankful for all of those that have helped to encourage and support and teach me along the way–there is so much more to it than just writing here.

9. Extended Medical coverage. We have a lot of appointments amongst the five of us with physio, dental, ortho, naturopaths etc and it's nice that a good portion of it is covered.

10. Coffee. With babes waking up at 5 AM each day I didn't want to grind my coffee beans so I drank tea instead. I was feeling absolutely exhausted and realized the importance of a coffee each morning–it makes such a difference. Kind of scary how much I depend on it!

What is one thing that you are thankful for today?


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