Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Anyone else feel like their life is just a constant state of readjusting? They aren't always big things but I feel like there's something new always added into our day. Lately this is the transition of Baby leaving, Koen going gluten-free (and sesame-free), and Kai playing more sports at school. We have to adjust how we do things. Life, hey? Okay, so this week I am thankful for:

1. Fall leaves. We went to Tynehead looking for salmon on Wednesday but they still weren't there. At least we found some pretty leaves!

2. Free meals. We tried out three meals from Hello Fresh which was gifted from a friend. It was fun and easy but the price is too much for our family. If we were in a situation in which I couldn't make meals (too many kids), I would consider ordering it again–with a promo code.

3. Kids playing nicely. They still can't play with the three of them together very well. Nya went on a pretty huge rant the other day (which is unusual) along the lines of "Do you guys even think of what my life is like? I have to brothers that are always bugging me and just want to play sports. How do you think I feel?" I've been trying to make sure she gets some good girl time with her friends.

4. My kids. We had parent teacher interviews this week and it reminded me once again just how different our kids are from one another. I do love it though. It makes life more difficult but I've learned a lot and as hard as it is, it keeps things more interesting and teaches them skills to interact better with others. I do feel like we are missing one more secret hope (ha, not so secret now) would be to possibly foster to adopt a toddler girl down the road. Although not too far away as I'm really starting to enjoy the "kids in school" stage! We are not, and will not, actively pursue this but if it happens through fostering, it happens.

5. This girl. You guys, do you have a kid where you tell them something once and then they do it right from that day forward?! It is amazing. She gets dressed, brushes her teeth, cleans up her room, gets her breakfast, washes her hands etc. without reminders. On her own. Maybe some people have all their kids like this but my boys are a different story. She still has to learn about matching her socks though ;)

6. Upcoming marriage class. We're spending a weekend in a marriage course and I've been told it's good! I hope we find it beneficial as it's time to focus on us once again. We had to get through the transition to September which was a lot about the kids and now we can hopefully get back on track. We have a lot of family time, like, a lot, but not a ton of couple time and I know it's so needed.

7. Baby. It was fun to have a baby for a change as all of our other foster kids were 2-4 ish. We would likely want a 9-12 month child again if we have any say but we'll see what happens. Baby is leaving for good today (likely). A few people mentioned that I must be sad but I'm not really. I feel like I have a cry in me but it's bittersweet. I'm happy for mom and baby and I'm glad we could help when we did. I hope that doesn't sound heartless, we just know our role and we still get to keep in touch (Yay! All four so far!) which is awesome. 

8. An extra room. We couldn't do it without this room and I'm so thankful for it! Living in Surrey is expensive and having a four bedroom home is so helpful. Down the road the boys will probably want their own rooms (maybe in three years) so we'll have to see what happens, but for now it works! If your kids share, what age do you think that will happen until?

9. Gluten-free options. As much as possible we try to all eat gluten-free for Koen and then vegetarian meals half the time as well. Koen had a full panel test at a naturopath and we found out he was especially intolerant of sesame but then gluten was on the list too. We're hoping that this helps with his health problems and possibly affects behaviour a bit too. We've made Wednesdays "Kids Choice" which means they pick from a predetermined list. Nachos it was!

Gluten free meals

10. Oils. I do not like doing something because everyone else is, that is one way I am just like my dad. That said, I borrowed my friend's diffuser and used it to help with breathing and germs when baby was here and Nya was sick. I was so overwhelmed between Young Living and Doterra as I have friends I admire who do both of them. I just decided to get it over with and ordered and I'll just use from both companies if need be. I didn't want to offend anyone and I didn't want to spend more time trying to figure out what was best. Done. I ended up making the natural deodorant that Doterra has a recipe for and I tried it out during a hockey game too–it works! I just don't love the coconut smell so may need to add a stronger EO. 

All right, folks. What is something you are thankful for today?


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