Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Hey friends! We've had a very busy and stressful few months but things are settling down a bit. There's a little less hockey this week and a little more attachment and connecting with the Littles which just helps everything in general. This week I am thankful for:
1. The Nya-Kai combo. They work really well together as they are both very patient and calm-ish. Kai spent a good half hour teaching her how to hold her stick, pass, and shoot.

2. Kindergarten Day. My big girl was nervous and excited to attend and I think she will be just fine in September.

3. Craft time. I wanted a craft for Nya's birthday that would be easy to purchase, affordable, and take up about 30 minutes of time to do without adult involvement AND that could be taken home as a "goodie bag" replacement. This worked well as I got it all from Michaels ($1.50 each!) and sent them home with a baggie of bird seed too. We'll see if any birds actually eat from it.

4. Mother's Day card from Nya. I love that I'm good at putting people to bed (it's kinda true!). As usual my kids say that I spend time on the computer which drives me nuts! I'm on my computer in the office maybe 30 minutes during the day (responding to emails, making phone calls) but of course that's what they notice. 

5. Mother's Day card from Koen. I'm surprised he didn't try to write something funny but his teacher probably didn't let him. He loves his cuddles and I appreciate that he likes it when I cheer for him in ball hockey.

6. Mother's Day card from Kai. The first sentence is an inside joke and the rest is very sweet as encouragement is not his favourite thing to do. This was posted with permission from Kai ;) 

7. Biking. We had two extra smaller sized bikes and helmets which worked perfectly for the Littles. They loved it and we made it safely to an empty parking lot to try out some new skills.

8. Mother's Day dinner. Gary made chicken rolls which was my childhood favourite.

9. Hiking with the crew. We went to Tynehead which was the perfect place to roam. 

10. A  last minute birthday party for Nya. We realized we had a couple of hours free on Saturday so put together a quick party which she loved. I had wondered how we would accomplish this in May so I'm very glad that it worked out!

11. Mother's Day Tea at preschool. Always so sweet. So thankful I can attend these things with my kids.

12. A fully functioning toilet. One behaviour we've struggled with is a child placing special toys in the toilet when he feels like he wants the attention of a friend and isn't getting it. Thankfully Gary was able to remove the toilet and retrieve the 8 toys stuck inside. I'm hoping that this will now stop as he was able to see how much work it was to retrieve them. 

I hope you have a great rest of the week. It looks like we have sunny skies ahead so we may do a trip to the beach this weekend. What is something YOU are thankful for today?


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  1. Thankful for warm days, sunny skies, blossoms, flowers and one of my sons home for a 3 week visit!