Thursday, May 04, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Date with my boys. I had won tickets to Science World so took them on a Pro-D day. They are obsessed with the marble contraption outside and that was probably the highlight so they didn't even need to go in!

Science World Marble Contraption

2. Our new pets. We have two guppies and three neon tetras. This is as fun as we get pet-wise for now!

Aquarium with guppies neon tetras

3. Bedtime. Once pj's are on, we've got apple slices with a story or bed time show and then it's OFF TO BED. Yeehaw.

Five kids sitting on the couch

4.  Relief days. We have several relief days per month for someone to watch the Littles so on Saturday we used it to watch Koen play goalie! He had a shut out and saved 10 shots. PS Without relief I would not be okay at all. It. Is. Everything.

Watching a ball hockey game

5. Lil Worker Safety Gear. This local company has great clothing for those high energy kids that you need to keep an eye on AND want others to see.  I got the fleece for the Little Ones that come into our home but there are other clothing options out there too. So great for playgrounds or when your kids are biking. You can find them on Facebook here.

Lil Workers Safety Gear
Lil Worker Safety Gear

6. Nya in ballet. She doesn't get many activities other than swimming but this rec centre one once a week is perfect! She loves it and this is her second time with her wonderful teacher.

Ballet for preschoolers

7. Signs of Spring. Beautiful, right?

magnolia tree

8. Indoor playgrounds. One Little One had vaccinations so I promised fries afterwards (they have been begging) and then realized that they don't serve fries until 11 AM–oops! So, we just played at the indoor playground (where there were no kids which is such a priority) and then picked up Timbits on the way home.

McDonalds Indoor Playground

9. A vehicle that can contain us all. The backseat is so squishy but usually we give them an iPad to keep their mind off of it. When I'm just driving with the three Littles they actually do pretty well all contained and separated ;) 

10. Library books. I love that you can just put a hold online. The only problem is trying to read all the books that I pick up! My goal once I have some free time is to exercise for one hour and read for an hour each day.

What is something that you are thankful for today?


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