Monday, May 22, 2017

Nya Turns Five

Today our youngest turned five years old. I often forget the journey of how Nya came to be and took some time to reflect on it today. After our second son Koen was born, I became very sick with Graves' Disease. It was brought on by a combination of factors but one of them being post partum hormones; after taking over a year to get into remission I knew I did not want to go through that again. When Koen turned one we started the process of adoption. We chose an agency close to home for a local adoption and went through the entire process (homestudy, education classes, applications, references etc) and waited for our profile to be looked at and chosen. After one year of being active on the list our agency shut down. At this point we decided to try for a biological child. I got pregnant immediately (which was suprising since it took a year for Koen) and we were so excited! However, I had a miscarriage which was difficult emotionally and physically. I knew I was not alone as there are so many women who have experienced them and was thankful to connect with several women when I needed it most. Just two months later we were pregnant again with this precious girl. 

I had a massive mix of emotions throughout my pregnancy with her–from utter excitement to savouring the last pregnancy to fear of loss and a relapse with Graves' Disease. For her birth I had hoped for a VBA2C (Vaginal Birth After 2 C-sections) but after her final ultrasound I used the information I had to book a planned C-section.

From the moment she entered our lives, Nya Greta (after my mom) has brought us so much joy. She has allowed me to once again have a mother daughter relationship which I had been missing. She is a major source of encouragement and support to me. Just the other day I realized what a mess I must have looked like as we were driving to get the boys from school and Nya said "Well I think you look like a totally great mom!" Every day she tells me how precious I am and how much she loves me–it never gets old.

Her brothers both love spending time with her and will often fight over the opportunity to play with her. Whether it's hockey in the alley or a game with stuffies in the basement, they love having Nya as their friend. 

Nya is quick to make friends wherever she goes and is quite confident–I hope that quality remains. She is easily entertained and loves a good laugh, usually at some of her brothers' ridiculous sense of humour.

Although she has struggled with respiratory illnesses for half of her life (usually two weeks out of every month), she has a determination which allows her to (mostly) keep up with her brothers. Nya has a sweet tooth and would be happy just sitting around watching Teen Titans but will eagerly go on any outing we have planned; she is definitely the calmest of our crew.

She loves adventure and especially enjoys when we are all sharing the same rooom whether it's a hotel or tent. 

Nya is not a big thrill seeker. She rides her bike cautiously and is aware of the dangers around her. She much prefers the Tea Cups over other rides at Disneyland.

She is at the age where family time is the best time–as long as we are together, life is good!

Nya has had one of the biggest roles in us being a foster family. With each of the three children we have brought into our home over the past two years she has been a big sister, playmate, and little teacher. Just today they were on the trampoline and saw the neighbour. Nya says "That is our neighbour. Can you say "Neigh-Bour"?" and then they said it and she said "Great job! You did it."

I am so thankful for this girl and the five years that we have had together so far. I look forward to seeing the strong young woman I am confident she will be.



  1. She is exactly as you describe her to be! What a blessing she must be to your family! Tell her Beth says Happy Birthday ;)

  2. Amazing post on an amazing girl. Can't believe we will be where you are some day!

  3. Jennifer Begin9:02 PM

    Loved this post. Happy birthday Nya!

  4. What a sweet little girl!