Thursday, March 09, 2017

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Two days of work this week. I usually just substitute teach one day per week but am doing it twice this week. I'll be off for two weeks for Spring Break so might as well work while I can! So thankful for this option.

2. Days with one child at home. Truthfully it's easier when there are two of them because then I don't have to play Candyland or Trouble etc but it sure is quiet with just Nya!

3. Non-picky eaters.  Our kids have huge appetites and I'm thankful that they are pretty open to everything. Nya is the pickiest of the bunch but is not bad at all. Cooking isn't my favourite but if they eat it and give me a "thank you", it makes it so much easier!

4.  A day without snow. I feel like we haven't been the best parents in regards to teaching our kids how to bike. However, biking with 3 or 4 kids with varying levels isn't always the most fun. Nya loved racing around the park practicing.

5. Signs of spring! You know, under the snow.

6. Feeling okay after saying "goodbye". We said goodbye to our Little One and I think it must be the prayers of so many people because I did better than I thought I would. My kids are also okay which was a big concern for me.

7. These three having fun together. I think I will be thankful for this every week for as long as it happens.

8. Being able to get my steps in. My goal was 15,000 steps a day for a month and some days I'm over and some under but I'm pretty close. I'm really trying to focus on my mental health and this is a big source of help.

9. Kai's happiness over winning a reading challenge. This is his second year participating in the Reading Link Challenge where groups of 6 kids read 6 books and are quizzed with 30 questions. This year they won and will be heading into the community challenge. 

10. A church care group. What is it? It's a group of six families that get together every few weeks to get to know each other better. Our kids play and the adults have a short study time, share prayer requests, and then we all eat potluck style. I was in the same church for 26 years of my life so moving to a new one with Gary was hard for me.  This is one way I've definitely felt more connected. Oh, and the flower photo is because one lovely friend brought flowers this week :) 

11. This room has turned into the cruise prep room which has helped keep my mind off things (Little One leaving).  We get to have our Little Buddy over tomorrow for dinner so we're all very excited about that. By the way, how many outfits do I pack for an 8 night cruise?!

12. Being able to go to Koen's reading. They wrote and illustrated a book and then read it to their classmates, buddies, and parents in small groups. I was nervous for Koen but he did so well. Very proud of my Koen as writing is not his favourite thing to do.

{This is the picture he would like me to share from it.}

I hope you are having a good week. I would love to hear what you are thankful for today!


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  1. Hi Louise....Our kids in grade 2 are re-telling a fairy tale and illustrating a book, too. I think it is a fun idea!!! I would say pack 16 outfits :)