Friday, March 03, 2017

An All-Inclusive Trip to St. Lucia for Gary and I...Maybe

Hi, friends! I recently entered a contest with Sunwing to win an all inclusive trip to St. Lucia for Gary and I. We made it through the first two rounds and now it is the third and final one with a 3/15 chance of winning (1/5 is pretty amazing). The vote is very simple, just click on this link and it will take you to our photo. Like the photo and verify with your Facebook account (this means it only works for those with Facebook but it is ensuring only one vote per person to keep things fair). Unfortunately this does not work with the Facebook app so you will have to use a computer or your browser on your phone.

I am so thankful for those that got us into this round; I was feeling the love! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



  1. At my parents for dinner today, my mom said "so did you vote for Louises picture yet?" I said "not yet - you need to be on a computer and I haven't been on mine lately. I will soon!" She was not impressed and told me to come straight home and do it! ;) So i have now voted!

    1. Ha! I love this. Your mom rocks. So do you 😊