Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. My kids loving sports. I love seeing them be active and working with others as a team. Our lives our very busy right now but it's short term and they really enjoy it. I am thankful that Gary is helping coach Koen's team, too. Gary often gets "coached out" after teaching/coaching all year but I think it will be helpful as this is Koen's first time on a team.

2.  Relaxing family time. This was such a highlight on the cruise. We sat in our lounge chairs and watched Trolls together while enjoying ice cream. Everyone was happy and it was just so...relaxing!

3. Fun mail! Andria from The Cheerio Diaries knew that Nya loved Princess Poppy and sent us a DIY kit to make troll hair :) 

4. The Healthy Family Expo. This is one of the most important things to me: encouraging health in our family. It was wildly busy there but there were great snacks, fun entertainment (Bobs & Lolo) and awesome programs represented like KidsWorld, Canucks Autism Network, and Pedalheads.

5. Not having to cook for almost two weeks!  We ate pretty healthy on the cruise except definitely had dessert each night ;) 

6. Health and safety for our family. I'm always a bit nervous travelling in regards to my family's health. There was some seasickness one day, especially for Gary who has a sensitive digestive system, but other than that we were all healthy!

7. Our kids looooooved cruising. They kept asking when we were going to do another one. Their top reasons for loving it was the mini golf, body surfing, and ice cream. Koen doesn't naturally smile a lot but look at the photo below. I love it!

8. Siblings. They mostly got along well on the trip which was awesome. They spent hours together in the water and it made me so happy. They do tend to pair up throughout the day and then switch after an hour or so– it works out pretty naturally. Kai does not play well alone and always wants a sibling (or adult) to play with whereas the other two are okay on their own.

9. Kai's Reading Link Challenge. His team advanced to the next level and Nya and I were able to attend. A group of six kids reads six books and then are presented with 30 questions about the books! I wish I had read all of them with him...I made it through 1.5. In their region they placed first and are on to the next round.

{Finding out they got 1st!}

10. A focus on health. On Monday I start my focus on health with a 12-week program. I'm relatively healthy but know that stress has been so hard on my body this past year or two. So, I'm putting in the energy to exercise daily and eat wiser choices. We'll see how I do! I had to take "before" photos in my bathing suit, it's not as flattering against a wall compared to on a beach ;)

What is something that YOU are thankful for today? I love to hear!


PS I am so thankful for 1.5 weeks of sun. The weather here has been terrible :(

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