Thursday, March 02, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Gratitude. I write these posts for several reasons; it's not that my life is all sunshine and rainbows–in fact, there are many frustrating things that happen daily. Every Thursday I take some time to focus on the week and the items that I am thankful for and it is very good for my mental health.

This week I am thankful for:
1. Flowers on the table. I don't usually spend money on fresh flowers but after dealing with a less than desirable experience one day, Gary and Kai brought these home for me.

2. A good goodbye party for our Little One. It was such a strange celebration. It was very bittersweet. We have two more days together and Saturday is our final day. Thank you to our extended family that came out to celebrate a very special and CUTE child.

3. Canucks game tickets! Our kids have KidsWorld passes and therefore were able to go to the Canucks game with Gary for free. They were in the lower bowl and were even on the jumbotron. They were sitting close to some of their school friends too.

4. Prescription sunglasses. Life changing. For real. My prescription is not strong but I have almost always chosen glasses over sunglasses and now I get the best of both worlds! I know a lens that matched the frames might be better but I wanted as much sun protection as possible.

5. Friends. I have been trying to win a trip just for Gary and I for years. This past week I asked friends to vote on our photo here as the top two would win an all inclusive trip to St. Lucia. We ended up in the top 10 but likely won't be the top 2. If you haven't voted yet, you still can here as it ends tomorrow! If you did vote, thank you SO much. I really appreciate it and you can vote again!

{This was Red Rock Canyon in 2015}

6. Books. I feel like I'm thankful for them every day. Whenever I open up a book I am transported to my childhood where the comfort of a great friend comes back to me. 

7. Kids that love sports. I'm not saying that because I love activity, I just think it's so great that they love being active! Nya loves it the least but still wants to play basketball when she's older so that Gary can coach her. Oh my heart, I will melt. 

{As a friend mentioned earlier this week, I do check to make sure Kai is okay with what I post of him.}

8. Sunny Sunday. The boys were so tired from their night out at the Canucks game but a walk in the sun was needed. There is not a whole lot of sunshine in our forecast.

9. Chatbooks. I've always heard about them but never used it. I used photos from my computer instead (rather than FB and IG) so that cost more but it was a great (EASY) way to make a Life Book for our Little One.  That is one of the expectations when a foster child leaves your home. I also made a slideshow in iMovie so that it can be watched on the TV at home.

10. Upcoming holidays. I'm very excited that we are leaving on a sunny vacation in just a couple of weeks! I would say the only thing I am nervous about at this point (besides someone catching the flu or breaking a body part before we go–that's a normal concern right?) is that we are flying United. I'm a WestJet girl. If you've ever flown United and had a bad experience, please don't tell me, but, if you've had a good one, please DO tell me :) 

{This flight was Delta and they were awesome too!}

What is something that you are thankful for today?


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  1. Oh man what a tough weekend! I'm so sorry that this chapter is coming to an end. Thinking of you guys! Xo