Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Zoinks. What a crazy week.  I finally recovered energy-wise from my surgery and then I got laryngitis.  For a person who needs physical activity and has a desire to talk everything out, this has been a doozy.  That said, still something to be thankful for.

This week I am thankful for:

1. Letters from my mom.  Someone pointed out that I could get a tattoo with her handwriting! I've wanted one to remind me of my mom but haven't known what to get...I think her writing is it.  Now I just have to figure out what words I want and where.  (PS My mom was so not into tattoos but I think she'd be okay with it ;) )

2. Books.  I don't want TV in the day but if I have downtime, I love to read a chapter or two!  I haven't started this book yet but it's next for me.

3.  This girl having a break from activities.  I included this look because this is reality.  She would rather stay home with me than do almost anything.  Getting her to preschool or daycare or in the car to run an errand has become quite the feat.  I'm thankful that we'll have a couple of months at home for her to get bored of me!

4.  Going on Koen's last field trip to Crescent Beach. I don't go on field trips because I'm usually not able to take the younger kids along and to be honest, I don't really want to watch other kids alongside my own!  However, this was a giant beach day and all I had to do was worry about my own. Win win.  So great seeing Koen play with his good buddies.  My hope and prayer is that my kids have at least one good friend each year and so far they have some great ones! 

5.  Gary building the retaining wall.  He'll finish it Friday and then we'll fill it with gravel on Saturday.  New trampoline will be installed on Monday!  Yes, Gary is wearing gardening gloves for his soft teacher hands :) 

6.  Being able to go to Kai's class party.  Nya came along and the kids hung out in the pool and hot tub for hours!  Kai was cool with me going so I jumped at the chance (he's not usually).  Everyone was so kind to Nya and it was nice for me to get to know some of the moms, even without my voice!

7.  Playing soccer with the boys after dinner. We went twice this week and they played so nicely together and I even got to show off a bit. Yes, I can still shoot better than they can.  We'll see how long that lasts...It's nice for me to hang out with just the two big boys once in a while, I need to do that more.

8.  A new park in our neighbourhood.  It has a waterpark, tennis courts, basketball hoop, parkour course, playground, cement's awesome! I'm so excited for this as most of us don't have much of a yard.

9.  Being able to go to the boys' sports day.  I didn't have to work so Nya and I watched them compete.  They had a great time even though Koen's team placed last. Again. 

10.  Monday morning free.  On Monday my sister texted me and asked if she could take Nya for the morning to play with her cousin. YES PLEASE. I had three hours to get stuff done and it was awesome.  Thanks, Maria!

My Thankful Thursday is really kid related this week!  I'm really hoping that next week's includes that my voice is back. I'm so done with this.  What are you thankful for today?


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  1. Denise N7:22 AM

    I'm thankful for a husband who had time this morning before leaving for work, to do last nights dishes. And coffee, I'm always thankful for coffee (I don't appreciate 615 wake ups from all 3 kids)