Thursday, June 02, 2016

Thankful Thursday

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Practicing gratitude, yo.  Here we go!

1. Family support.  When you tell your extended family that you are becoming a foster family, the answer vary and understandably so, they had concerns!  Regardless of that, everyone loves our Little One and they all support us emotionally. Our Little one LOVES grandma and grandpa and it may help that they often have treats.

2.  More support.  We had grandparents and my sister and her family come out to Kai's hockey game.  They were able to see him score and have some sweet passes in the second half. Go #7!

3.  Eleventh wedding anniversary.  The kids picked out roses from Costco.  Happy 11th to us!  You want to know how we celebrated? It was pouring and we had two hours so we went to Guildford Mall and had dessert at Red Robin.  Not really romantic but it was the first time we've shopped together in years so that's kind of fun (PS First time I bought something from LUSH and I'm LOVING the smell of my natural deodorant).

4.  All of our children sleep through the night.  Yes, all four.  Naps still require an hour long stroller walk for our Little One but it's fine, I'm not gonna mess with the system. It works.

5. Koen finally pulled out his front tooth.  I seriously paid him $1 at breakfast to pull it out himself.  He was refusing to eat because it hurt and it was dangling by a thread...

6. A gorgeous evening to have photos done by my friend Anita.  I'm so happy with how they turned out.  I will not show you the outtakes which could embarrass my children but let's just say they weren't always cooperative. Anita and her husband are moving to Papua New Guinea in 40 days with their four young kids, you can check out their Facebook page here

7.  Gary.  I'm thankful that he can handle my, uh, moodiness.  I get pretty worked up about things and he just listens and allows me to vent.  He doesn't judge or tell me what to do or tell me that I'm being ridiculous, he just listens.  I really need to feel heard...who doesn't? By the way, I feel beautiful in these pictures, isn't that awesome?

8. A Little Light.  "Connection is why we're here.  We are hardwired to connect with others, it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering."–Brene Brown. I had a wonderful time meeting with a small group of women talking about the connection between our faith and our online lives.   I ask myself every day: What is my purpose? What is my goal?  If I don't as these questions, I get wrapped up in what's going on around me.  

9.  Surgery.   I'm having an Endometrial Ablation next week and I'm thankful for this option.  I'm nervous to be put under as I never have before but I'm excited to no longer struggle with menorrhagia and anemia. If you are interested, I can share more about–I didn't even know this option existed until about six months ago when my friend had it done.

10. A Springfree Trampoline party with my boys.  We went to the store in Coquitlam to try it out as there was a Vancouver Mom event going on.  The boys LOVED the basketball hoop and we also tried out the new Tgoma game.  I also tried it (it's like a video game where you have to stomp on the aliens) and I may have beat them.  You know, if anyone was keeping track (they were!) We need to replace the Little Tykes trampoline we have and the 8' one they have might work in it's place!  

All right, folks: What are you thankful for today?



  1. Hi Louise! Thanks for sharing your list. Sorry you are having problems (re: 9. Surgery) I don't have your problem, but I have another issue that I have finally have some answers with my troubles. I have been trying for almost 2 years to get answers. I went for a pelvic u/s and I have Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. Wishing you all the best. Cathy

    1. Cathy, sorry to hear this! I'm so glad you finally have an answer after two years! Now I will google it to see what it means. All the best to you too! Louise

  2. #3 - happy anniversary!!!! :)
    #7 - it is a happy day when you FEEL beautiful! Everyone around you sees it all the time, but when you FEEL it...THAT is a good day :) :)
    #9 - ...really...!!!!! you can message me about it :)

    1. Yes, I love that even though I am not as fit as I was a year ago, I feel beautiful most of the time when I put in the effort :)