Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Okay, this week is one where I really need to practice gratitude.  We've got a lot going on with each child from illness (Nya's respiratory systems for the 1,000th time!) to skill-building to hockey playoffs to transitioning, and this mama, who is still recovering from last week's surgery, is exhausted!

This week I am thankful for:

1. A family vacation.  Our three-week long trip through Northern BC is not to be this summer due to changes in the plan with our Little One.  So, we will be doing four different three-day trips instead.   This is hard for me as I'm a person who loves her calendar and appreciates knowing what the next month brings. Instead, we are living more week to week which is...frustrating.  Oops, sounds like I'm complaining so....I'm thankful that I've booked Great Wolf Lodge. So pricey but hopefully so worth it :)

2. Brothers playing nicely together.  Kai has been practicing hockey a lot lately and sometimes Koen will help him out.

3. Healthy options.  I let a bit too much refined sugar enter my diet so I'm back to behaving.  I feel better and need to put in the energy to eat well. 

4. A Fantastic natural deodorant from LUSH.  It works so well I don't even need to reapply: T'eo Bar.

5. Father son baking time! How sweet (ha!) is it to see these two working together making Oatmeal Fudge Bars for a fundraiser? 

6.  A husband who will build a retaining wall.  Here is the before picture and the after picture will be here once school finishes :)  We've ordered our 8X11' Springfree Trampoline which is very expensive but apparently amazing and lasts forever!  We also do have a chance of winning it which we'll find out in three weeks...fingers crossed!  

7. Great 20th grad reunion.  I won't share a photo as I didn't ask permission but it was so good to see everyone! I think we have all aged so well :)  It was a great relaxing evening just hanging out at the farm around a campfire.  I know, I'll include a photo of me in my grad dress (taken the day after my surgery so I look a mess!)  What was the biggest thing I noticed?  People did not have their phones out unless they were checking if all was well with their babysitters. 

8. Good book. This is a memoir about a child of deaf parents who grew up in a violent family.  I "enjoyed" it and found it eye-opening to the deaf community which I've been trying to learn more about.  One interesting thing I learned was that when you sign someone's name you attach a characteristic to their name.  So for example, the short form for my name is just the letter 'L' but my parents would've given me a signing characteristic to it like "happy L" to be unique to me. 

9. Cheering Kai on at hockey.  They are in the playoffs this week and today will likely be their last game.  I'm so proud of how hard he's worked this season. And yes, Nya would much rather be at home than cheering for him.

10. Recovering well from my surgery.  I'm going to write about my uterine ablation once enough time passes to see if it actually works (one more cycle). I will tell you though that I never anticipated that I would be this tired recovering.  I don't know if it's being put under, not being allowed my vitamins for a week prior to surgery, or the actual procedure but it has taken a full week to get my energy back.  Thankful there were no complications!

What is something that you are thankful for today?



  1. Sorry to hear that you are having to change your big road trip. From what I know about you, this would be very disappointing. Timelines with foster children never seem to go as planned. I am sure the children will be very happy with your 3 shorter getaways and hope you enjoy them too.

  2. I'm very thankful for friends who help me out with anything and everything, and never expect anything back except my love. And not even that!

  3. A few comments:
    - I'm a 'planner' too so I feel bad about your plans being changed.
    - You fit into your grad dress still?!?!?!? You go, girl!! Hmm...I wonder if mine fits? Do you try your wedding dress on ever?
    - Glad you're recovering well (even if it's not quite as quick as you would like).