Friday, June 17, 2016

Five Things We Will Do to Celebrate Father's Day

This weekend is Father's Day! I wish I could say that I was getting up early to make breakfast in bed but I am pretty certain that will not happen as Gary is almost always up before me these days.   I  know these celebratory days can be hard for some, but for me, I will take the time to be grateful when I can–which includes Father's Day. How will we celebrate?

1. All-you-can-eat sushi.  Happy kids makes for a happy dad.  Our family loves our sushi and do all-you-can-eat once a year!

2.  Tell Gary why we love him. I think Gary is a wonderful dad because he is so involved with our kids' lives.  He goes to their games, plays barbies and ponies, reads books with them, and makes their lunches (yes, he does #guiltymomconfession.)

3. Give Gary a present which I ordered off a Facebook ad–side note, do not order a bikini off a Facebook ad...that was not for Gary.  In case you think I'm wildly impulsive, I have only done this twice.

4. Call my dad to say "Happy Father's Day!"  Not everyone is able to do this and I am thankful that my dad is around and we have a healthy relationship!

5. Gary will go to our Little One's preschool Father's Day celebration...and I will melt.   He is such a great fatherly example to our Little One and I am so proud of them both.  It took longer for Gary to get on board with the idea of fostering similar to this journey here.  Our Little One also took longer to fall in love with Gary but they have a beautiful relationship and he is Daddy.

Are you doing anything for Father's Day? If so, what?



  1. While Mother's Day is the same in Australia, Father's day isn't! It isn't until September so we will celebrate then :)

  2. all you can eat sushi!! so yum. i think you talked about the place & price somewhere - maybe facebook - but it sounds like a good price! i am taking my dad for sushi for dinner tomorrow night :)