Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Love.  So cheesy, I know.   Our house is loud and bursting with energy but it's also full of laughter and love. And happy screams.

2. A run with my Kai Bear.  Although we didn't run together, it's fun to have your kids participate in activities that you enjoy!

3. A husband who enjoys Christmas decor.  My dad was a bit of a...scrooge in the decorating department so I'm glad that Gary enjoys all the lights and decor.  Our tree is likely only going to have lights on it this year due to a Little One with busy hands.

4.  Kids reminiscing. I love when they pull out their Disney World photobooks and go through page by page.  I never thought they would be into the character meet and greet but boy, did they love it!

5. Mr. Hug-It-Out.  We got these T-shirts from Netflix and I thought there was a zero percent chance that Gary would ever wear it but it's what he always says (I do NOT like to hug it out!) and he wants to wear it.  He did get a hug in it.

6.  My family being agreeable :)  On Sundays, we all look decent and I asked if I could get a family photo and they did!  I probably should have gotten out of my slippers. 

7. Donuts.  So naughty but so yummy.  I love walking to Tim Hortons with our family to get donuts–we save it for special occasions...or sometimes we just drive there after ballet :)

8.  Simple things.  Nya got the purple square at ballet so all was right with the world.

9. Crafts.  Well, basically Nya crafting on her own. Thanks for all the advice, Facebook friends!

10.  Dates with all my kids this week!  I was able to review two events; The Good Dinosaur with the boys and then Disney on Ice: Frozen with Nya Bear for Moments in Mommyland!  Oh, and Nya got a sweet Maplelea doll which you can see here.  And now I'm tired.

As always, I'd love to hear your thankful item(s) for the week.



  1. I would have loved a Maplelea doll like that when I was a little girl! Here's hoping for a granddaughter some day!!

    1. It is pretty incredible! I think I may want to play with it more than her ;)