Friday, November 20, 2015

Five Reasons My Husband Was Awesome This Week

Gary often does some wonderful things (which I try to focus on) and here are a few from this week:

1. He made Kaluha ice cream with candied bacon for a special dessert. There was even whipped cream which I love.  Gary doesn't even drink alcohol but he's mixed me up some fun concoctions over the past few weeks!

2.  He is sure to answer the surveys on each receipt.  This has paid off HUGE as he won a great prize last month ($1,000 worth of points to Loblaws!)

3.  He doesn't like flannel sheets but he does it for me in the winter AND he will warm up my side before I come to bed.  Awwwwww...

4.  He prepares my coffee while I shower in the morning.  I can hear the coffee beans grinding as I get ready upstairs. Please note: Gary doesn't even drink coffee.

5.  He got up at 5 am with our Little One all week.  No photo of this because I was sleeping on those flannel sheets about to meet my morning coffee.

Thanks for reading my first edition of Five on Friday.  I wonder what I should write about next Friday...


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  1. Awesome acts of kindness - way to go, Gary!

    1. I must like acts of service more than I thought!

  2. I always try and and focus on the positive. This week it was working 15 hour days and coming home to help me fold laundry! Yay husbands!

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Nice! Sounds like you have an awesome, loving husband. Very sweet. :)

    1. He's pretty great! I didn't even know how awesome he was when we got married so it's been fun discovering all the good stuff over the years!

    2. Anonymous6:41 PM

      I quite like five on Friday! Who knew Gary was so romantic?! Any husband who gets up with an early riser, now that's a keeper!

  4. um yeah!!!! (Alf warms up my side of the bed too ;)

  5. Love it Louise, so blessed to have a quality man like that invest in my life and so many others!

    1. He is a quality guy. Super thankful! I love seeing where you are now, Sam!