Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Through My Lens

Today I have the kids home because it is a Pro-D day at school; here is our day in photos (does everyone else love having photos as much as I do?)

The boys set up their Christmas tree which is in their room.  It holds all the ornaments that they've made.  They LOVE it.

They spent some time wrapping up presents for one another (aka left over Halloween candy.)

We went to Nya's ballet class where she was so proud to show her moves to her brothers.

The teacher put on "Let It Go" for some free dance time and Nya was so happy!

We ate at McDonalds for lunch as a special treat and I always say "no" to Happy Meals but today there were Pokemon ones and...well...this is proof to Gary that I can be fun.  (He has been known to call me the "Fun Police.")

We walked around the Greater Vancouver Zoo.  It was so, so quiet!  We are definitely getting our money's worth with the pass–our kids are such a great age for it! 

My favourite part of the zoo is the back corner with the elk.

It was so great to get out while it's still sunny–the rain is on it's way!  What did YOU get up to today?



  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    My day was less exciting for sure. Dishes, laundry, sweeping, mopping, dishes, Ralphs, field trip and bathrooms. Did I mention dishes? I'm happy to have kiddos who leave me dishs to. :) Honest!

    1. Do you have a dishwasher and just decide not to use it? It's how I feel about laundry--there's always lots of it but that means there's lots of people that I have to love :)

  2. What a special day - you ARE a fun mom!

  3. Have we talked about this before??? Alf calls himself the Fun Police!!! HAHA!

    ANd three cheers for being a super-fun mom!

    1. We have not talked about it before, that's hilarious!

  4. I survived a trip to the dollarstore with my preschooler, almost made her late for class, went for lunch with a good friend and her visiting mom, laughed with my teen over silly GIFs.... it was a good day!
    I'm the Cold Police... I don't like going out when it's cold and so I'm not one to let them play on the playground or walk around a zoo in the weather we have right now! lol So you're more FUN than I am! (I never get to see that elk...or the moose. I'm so sad!)

    1. Ah, good old dollarstore with the preschooler! Good job :)