Monday, February 09, 2015

Weekend in Review

The goal this weekend was for Gary and his dad to replace our office/mudroom floor.  It was carpeted and got so dirty with the kid's shoes.  When we pulled up the carpet it was amazing (and gross!) to see how much dirt and dust was trapped underneath.   

We replaced it with vinyl tiles which I'm not 100% certain I love as a couple of them are not adhering as they should. Hopefully we can fix them as everything settles.

Gramma and Grandpa came Friday night for the carpet removal and stayed for our traditional Friday night pizza dinner. 

Saturday started early to try to get the floor done.  I took the kiddos to Costco and the library to get them out of the house while Dan and Gary got to work.

 I did help a bit by removing grout, sweeping and doing the Home Depot runs. 

All done!  High five to Gary and Dan!

Kai had his evaluations for the Surrey Minor Ball Hockey League.  It was so great to see him doing something that he has loved for so long. I was never able to put him in it before as I worked almost every single Saturday.   It reminded me of the good old days when I played in intramurals at UBC.  Good times.

He was average with most skills which just means room for growth!  He was so happy.

Breakaway (Kai is in the green shorts)!

On Sunday, Gary and I taught the preschool aged Sunday School class.  It's Nya and about 10 of her church buddies.  After lunch we drove out to Abbotsford to celebrate Joanne's 60th birthday.  Then, we came home early to prepare for 4 other families to join us for dinner and conversation, it's our new Care Group from church that we are leading!  

By the way, we're going through a great sermon series on `taboos' right now and our discussion was on porn. Yes, you can see the link to the sermon here (it also has a short informative summary written out). The kids played in the basement and we  talked about how to raise our kids in this Internet age.  There are so many important conversations to have with your partner and with your kids...before they get all that information from someone or somewhere else.

Then Gary and I relaxed watching some `Friday Night Lights' on Netflix.  Perfect series for us.  Somehow I tear up with the relationships and I get so tense from the football games, it's great.  We also enjoyed Chocolate Milkshakes (frozen banana, dates, and cashew milk...real dark chocolate sprinkled on top).

Today was family day.  We decided to walk around Campbell Valley Park.  My friend Leah joined us which was fun!  The kids ran and fed the birds.

`Birdies, I have something for you!'.

Then we came home and had a delicious homemade crepe lunch with some lovely toppings. The neighbour boys came over to mini hockey in the basement for two hours, Gary and Nya cuddled on the couch and had the sweetest nap...

...and I went for a 5km run in the rain.  I didn't love it but it I haven't run for a few days so it was time!

I wish our weekends were a bit slower but I think with three kids, a house to maintain, communities to invest's inevitable to be a bit busy!  

I hope you had a great weekend.  And, I know you saw this picture already but here it is in black and white. I love it.

Comfort. Rest. Sweetness. Love.

Have a great rest of the week, friends.  As always, thank you so much for reading.  I appreciate you!  


PS Please let me know what you got up to. I love new ideas or reminders of fun things to do!


  1. Oh sounds like a great weekend! A lot of work on the flooring - wow. It looks really good! Did you do the powder room too? Because it looks like a sink beside you?
    The milkshake looks so yummy - great treat idea!
    Glad you got to enjoy some goodness for Family Day too - posted a bit about ours on my blog just now. I ran a 5k too ;) SUPER sweet pic of Gary and Nya together :)

    1. Yes Kelly, the powder room too! Forgot to mention that :) Will check out your blog post now!

  2. We went to the Giants game on Sunday afternoon which was quite fun. Other than that, just regular hockey stuff with the boys. Kai looks so happy playing ball hockey!