Friday, February 06, 2015

Trim Healthy Mama {Update}

You know when you find out something awesome and you want to share it?   I just need to do it again in case there is someone who is interested in looking and feeling healthier!  I feel like this is an infomercial, but it's not, it's our life.  The other reason I'm sharing is that people ask me what `plan' I'm on and what I eat.  So, hopefully this answers a few questions.  

Gary and I are getting away next month (yahoo!) so I needed to try out my summer clothes.  I wore these shorts in August and look at them now.  I obviously had a few pounds to lose but exercising was not doing it for me like it used to.

It's been 7 months since I started Trim Healthy Mama.  If you're wondering what it is, it's a way of eating based off a book called Trim Healthy Mama .  I don't want to call it a diet, I just want to say it's a healthy way of enjoying food.  Gary and I ate what we considered to be healthy before.  However, there was definitely refined sugar in our diet as well as a plethora of carbs like white flour, white rice, potatoes and bread.  They were items that we thought we could fill our family up with and not cost a lot.

I met my goal weight loss of 18 lbs within 6 months by the way I ate alone.  You guys, I was never hungry.  I didn't change how much I was eating, just WHAT I was eating.   It wasn't hard once I totally detoxed myself off of sugar (took 3 weeks to feel good).  This past month I have started working out more to tone up.  It's way easier to exercise with the weight off!   My plan is not to lose any more weight because I want something easy to maintain, and besides, my bank account won't like it if I need to invest in even more clothes.  

Below is a before and after that I shared in November.  I really feel that I am now where I am supposed to be.

Below is another `before' picture.  Oh man.  This is the most embarrassing picture I will ever post but I want to share the reality!  That belly isn't just from three pregnancies, it is a sugar belly. I seriously thought I would have it forever.

I love that my stomach is almost flat now.  It has worked for Gary as well as he easily took off 20 lbs by eating differently.   He only follows the plan maybe 65% of the time and I'm at 80%.



I eat a lot more vegetables now and I've swapped my cow milk for almond milk.  Way less sugar.  What other swaps have we done?

Whole wheat bread to sprouted bread.
White rice to brown rice.
Potatoes to Sweet potatoes and yams (Did you know you can use a cauliflower mash instead of potatoes?!)
Kraft Peanut Butter to natural peanut butter.

{Liquid sugar is the most `dangerous' so just be careful how much sugar is in your drinks!  I do have one smoothie a day now with half a banana or a date as the sugar source.  I love a glass of warm water with  a lemon slice in it, so good for you.}

Fortunately our kids like salads but we still give them more carbs than we have.  They have a lot of growing to do!  For example, if we do Taco Tuesday, I have it in a lettuce wrap while they have it in a whole wheat tortilla.

{I wish avocados weren't so expensive, I really love them! Good thing my kids don't like them}

Plain Greek yogurt is full of protein.  I use this in the place of sour cream and I use it in smoothies and for my breakfast. I use the Kirkland brand one from Costco.

An omelette for breakfast? Yum.

And for a sweet treat? I have dark chocolate.  Like, very dark.  85%.   I recently made these date filled chocolate balls and keep them in my freezer.  Recipe is here.

So many soups are so healthy for you too! This the Soul Soothing Peanut Stew.

What is my current go to snack?  Nuts, turkey pepperoni, boiled eggs, veggies (if you cut them up, you'll eat them!). So filling.  Protein. Protein. Protein.

I've said this before but I don't love the recipes in the book. The meals are okay but I'm not a fan of the baking.  I like natural ingredients and some of them are...debatable.  I was using xylitol (`natural' sugar replacement) in my coffee but have tried to eliminate it completely. I like my food to taste really good and I cannot make coconut flour work for me taste wise.  I've actually turned to a lot of vegan recipes and just add meat.  I also use a lot of gluten free recipes as well.

If you're looking for more posts on this,  I first posted about it here and updated here.

Finally, I do have the book if you'd like to borrow it.  I have a friend with it right now, but feel free to message me that you'd like it next!  Otherwise, you can order it but it is pricey.  If you order to the States, do it from their website, it's cheaper.  If ordering from Canada (and not having it shipped to the States), it's cheaper to order from and I'll have the affiliated link below.

 If you have had success with this please leave a comment below! I know I'm not alone.  Here are some reviews from Goodreads in case you want more proof.  Or, just ask Gary.  He's a tough food critic and he has thanked me for the changes that we have made.



  1. Kirsten2:28 PM

    This is SO awesome Louise! Such an inspiration to work for what you want to achieve and to see that you can incorporate it into your life without having to change everything drastically. What do you have/suggest if you have to go out to dinner? Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Kirsten, thanks :) We don't go out for dinner much but for example, when Gary and I went to the Keg I just had the meat with a double veggie portion instead of potatoes. I just stay away from pastas and breads when I go out. Most places have brown rice or sweet potato. I love salmon. You just have to watch out for any kind of sugary sauce (bbq or dressings). I tend to let myself eat what I want when I go out though because we only do it once every two months or so. HOpe that helps! AND, only drink water ;)

  2. I realize I need to cut sugar out of my diet...for how much I work out (and have more in the past), i probably have a sugar belly! I hate the idea of giving it up but I know I'll be happier after. I do want to do biggest concern is actually the price increase. Do you feel like it's more expensive?

    1. Kelly, it feels so good! I promise!

      Price increase is such a valid concern. How do we manage it?
      1. We buy sprouted bread at the discount bakery (just $1.40 each on the Langley Bypass). I rarely eat bread now and Gary is down to just one slice a day.
      2. Vegetables are totally affordable. I eat a lot of salads and get all my romaine lettuce from Costco.
      3. Dried bulk beans. Do you do this?
      4. Eggs are totally affordable too.
      5. We buy the 3 pack yogurts, container of nuts, turkey pepperoni and almond milk at Costco. Yes, they are expensive items but it's what we're willing to pay for. I really feel like it's worth it to contribute to health, you know? Not just looks.

      We haven't noticed a change in our food bill so I think overall it sort of balanced out with the increase in beans and veggies!

  3. Anonymous11:30 AM

    I love that you invested in some cute workout clothes. It makes all the difference!! I put mine on and then I have no excuse. I also find that if I run every day (except weekends) I naturally want to eat healthy. I try and go sugar free during the week and allow myself to indulge a bit on the weekends. It's all about finding what works for you and then it's way easier to stick with. You look awesome! :)

    1. Brianne, you are sooooo right about cute workout clothes. They make me want to work out! I hear you on exercise and eating going hand in don't want all your hard work to be wasted :) Sounds like you've got a good thing going!

  4. So inspiring. You truly look amazing. I've gone as far as picking my date to give up sugar. I made the date because it seemed so far away and yet now it's only 9 days away!! yikes! lol

    1. Ashley, awe, thanks!! Do you think that getting rid of sugar will help you? Don't deprive yourself 100% I just reallllly love how when I chose snacks that give me long term energy, I feel way better. Gary used to be a big `quick fix' guy, especially when hiking/running etc and now he's a believer in taking in protein instead.

  5. My goal in giving up sugar for a month is to hopefully break the habit of feeling like I NEED it every night. I'm hoping by breaking up the cycle, I'll develop some better eating habits. I'll let you know how it goes. Is it normal to be nervous?!

    1. Totally normal to be nervous for change! Just have healthy snacks ready to go and don't have temptations around you :) If you want it, it will work!

  6. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I'm in my first week and I've dropped 4 pounds and my early morning aches and pains are gone!!! I eat ALOT and enjoy every minute! I'm doing this for life! I have about 65 pounds to lose and for the first time in my life I feel it is possible!!! Yeah for Trim Healthy Mama!!!!