Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1.  Kai singing in the choir for Norman Foote.  About 160 kids from Kai's school participated.  We've been practicing at home for the past month so it was fun for me too as I knew all the songs.

2.  Opportunities to learn from others.  We had a great time practicing our Korean words and finding out what Dukboki was.  I also feel that it helps the kids learn about connecting with others and how to say goodbye.  I should also note that the boys chose English names so our kids chose their own Korean names.  Kai= Young Kai   Koen=Kimchi    Nya= Tiger Head.  Nya misses her buddies.

3.  A teacher that is so great with Koen.  She really knows him, his strengths, and weaknesses. She connects with me to let me know what we can do with him at home to help him.   Two things we are working on with him are his fine motor skills and his speech (he still struggles with the `th' `sh' and `r' sounds).  So, Gary was in charge of Mixel making with Koen.  I'm currently working on the `th' sound at home.  

5. My boots.  I was looking for some black boots over Christmas but really wanted good quality.  I don't need more boots but I do appreciate having them.  These Italian leather ones came up on bidding wars and I went for it.  I got them for $42 (and they originally cost $350 and were barely worn).  I can't do heels and these are so soft and cozy.  The lining is amazing.

6. New flooring being installed this weekend.  Goodbye carpet! Thankful my father in law can work with Gary on this.  I'm a bit nervous that I will miss the warmth of the carpet but I'm tired of cleaning it after kids stomp on it with dirty shoes and boots.  Hopefully the grey flooring won't make the room too dark.

7.  Having a 4th bedroom.  It's been so handy when we have students.  Also, once we start fostering, the boys will move to this bedroom.  By the way, bunkbeds are awesome. We have two sets.  This one is an IKEA one that I got for $25 at a garage sale in the summer :)   And yes, this room doesn't look very inviting right now, we'll spruce it up.

8. Having a meal made for me!  A friend from book club made too much of this vegan lasagna so our family gladly accepted it.  So nice to eat something healthy and yummy and not have to make it.  Also, I'm super glad that Gary and I are way more open to trying more vegan dishes! 

9. Being able to stay home with my princess.  She's getting so big so quickly.  I think because she's been potty trained for so long and her verbal skills are amazing,  she seems so much older to me. Her latest thing is that if I suggest we do something, she becomes really serious and says, `That's so embarrassing.'.  Can you tell she has an 8 year old brother?

10.  Being willing to work on our marriage.  Both of us.  This is something we continuously have to work on.  I don't like that it's so hard sometimes but I know it's so worth it.   The older we get, the more we hear of relationships breaking down and it hurts my heart and makes me nervous.   Come on Team Chapman, we can do this well.

Have a good day, friends! Please let me know what you are thankful for today.



  1. $25 for bunkbeds?! Awesome. You are so lucky you get to stay home with your kids! Hope I can do the same.

    1. Hey Katrina, I am lucky. It's hard sometimes (mentally and financially) but I know overall it's best for our family! I hope you can too!

  2. You are one great bargain hunter! Nice boots - they look so comfy!

  3. yeah, those are nice boots :D
    I'm a day late, but today I'm thankful for a quiet evening at home :)