Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday : Nya Edition

This week I am writing my Thankful Thursday from the perspective of my 2.5 year old, Miss Nya.  I find that seeing the world through a toddler's eyes can bring me so much joy and thankfulness, too.  It has helped me to slow down.

Nya is thankful for:

1.  Sidewalk lines to jump over.

2.  Cuddles.

3. Yummy (healthy) food. She loves her smoothies and `ice cream' (frozen bananas, frozen blueberries and almond milk).

4. The splash that a rock makes when it lands in the water.

5.  Two brothers to giggle and play with.

6. A comfy bed to sleep in.

7. A mirror to make silly faces in.

8.  Dress up clothes.

9.  Four awesome day care friends/cousins to learn about sharing and caring with.

10. Slides to race Skye down

I have taken a lot of walks to the mailbox with my kids.  It's just one block away and yet every time it seems to take forever.  I have learned that if I just watch them, and not try to rush, there is so much joy to be had.  The leaves, bugs, sticks, sidewalk cracks, puddles, flowers, cars, clouds, siblings to race...they're all pretty neat things.

Have a great week and take some time to enjoy those simple things.


PS As always, please share what you are thankful for today! 


  1. I enjoyed reading Nya's list and the cute accompanying photos!