Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Miss Nya's Birthday Invites

Just a quickie of my cutie.  We (okay, yes, just me) wanted to get a photo for her birthday invitation.  Her first birthday is just a month away.    I do love to have parties to celebrate the birth of my kiddos and how glad I am that they are in our lives!!

I first went out by myself and really there were no keepers.  It was bright out and all Nya wanted to do was climb and avoid eye contact.  Evidence of the cute trouble maker below.
So, after dinner, we quickly went to our local field with the boys.  Kai was in charge of the reflector (good when backlit to add some light into their face/eyes...he actually turned it around and used the gold side), Koen was in charge of the entertainment (he danced and yelled and tried to stay out of the way), and Gary and I took turns putting Nya back on the blanket because she just wanted to make a run (crawl) for it. 
Here is a keeper.  Doesn't it look like she even has some hair? She doesn't.  She's so bald.  It's my fault, I was until I was 2.  
Oh Miss Nya, we love you!!!  For her 11 month photos (yes, we/I take a lot of photos), they are going to be daddy/daughter ones!  Gary has already started picking out outfits. HA.  So funny. If you know Gary, there is a zero percent chance he's even thought about it. 

I hope you are having a lovely week!  Thing have been getting way too busy around here so I'm going to be pretty much be saying `no' to everyone and everything except for my family until it gets under control.  My fault.  May will be much better.  



  1. Great picture! You can see her teeth too :) What a cutie!

  2. I'm seeing a little fuzzy hair - cute photo!