Tuesday, April 23, 2013

11 Months Old

11 Months Old
-crawls everywhere or pushes a car to walk
-has two 1 hour naps/day (10am and 2pm ISH)
-still gets up 1-3 times a night and only settled with breastfeeding
-normally goes to bed at 6:30pm and gets up at 6:30am (with wake ups in the night).  While teething, doesn't get to sleep until about 9:30pm.  Sleeps in a sleep sack and loves sucking on receiving blankets.  Not one of my kids has taken a soother.

-continues to use the toilet which is initiated by us still, but she holds it until we put her on.
-19 lbs (I think, will check.).  Very slender.  Unless she is wearing leggings, her pants fall down.
-5.5 teeth
-says `mama' and `dada'

-her brothers
-being outside
-breastfeeding (so glad I stuck with it for those tough few months!!)
-the bath
-keys, phones, remotes
-eating rocks.  EVERYTHING goes in her mouth.
-climbing stairs

Doesn't Love:
-eating (although she does love eating whatever she can find on the ground, sometimes I seriously just pour some cheerios on the ground for her so she'll eat it).
-car seats
-high chair
-teething.  Oh my goodness, tooth #6 is ridiculous.  
-getting changed
-a bottle.  Generally will not take it.
-very laid back and easy going in all situations (except the car seat!!!!!!)
-loves being in the action
-comfortable with everyone but generally quiet unless at home.  At home she shrieks.
-not very cuddly but loves to be physical by being thrown, tickled, bounced etc 

{This `Opposites' book with doggies has been a favourite for all three kids}

Yesterday I was looking for my yoga mat and Gary asked when I last used it.  I said when I was 8 months pregnant which means about....a year ago?!! Oh my goodness, how has it been a YEAR?!!  We are so done. I'm so tired.  She is awesome.  Love her to bits.  She completes our family sooooo well.  The boys love her.  If she's sad, Koen will give her his Bubbi.  Kai runs in the house to see `Cutie' as soon as he gets home.  

You can see Kai at 11 months here and Koen here.  It's interesting how they are different.  Nya def. resembles Koen's personality more..another wild one folks!

All right, back to work.  I won't be blogging much this week..too busy!  Have a great week.

Love, Louise


  1. oh miss nya - love seeing you grow :) ps those are a lot of fun toys in your crib! I would never be able to sleep with all that entertainment at my fingertips!

  2. 11 months?! Wow! What an incredibly sweet smile Nya has. I think she could melt the heart of anyone:)

  3. What happened to all your commenters? You used to get more on each post didnt you? Sheesha.

    How did eleven months go by already? Yikes!

    Apparently I work with one of your followers (Lindsey). How crazy is that? =p