Friday, April 12, 2013

Further Reflection...

Thank you to everyone who commented on my previous post!! I think the big thing that people mentioned on  the donation of products/services/time is that we need to choose what/who we want to give to, and also, to be a cheerful giver. I don't want to be grumbly and resentful about it. I think that in the grand scheme, we are not asked to give a lot. However, where we are in life right now, and the desire to strike some sort of balance, it is a lot.   

 Looking back 10 years ago, I was teaching full time and coaching and going on school trips and helping at dances and driving the bus for sports etc. I would go to the gym at least four days a week or run on those days. I would SEEK OUT VOLUNTEER opportunities (eek, I had so much time!!).  One example?  Every Saturday I would bike over the Cambie street bridge (yes, I lived in Vancouver) and volunteer at a Seniors Home in Yaletown. My job? Painting with seniors. If you know me, this is hilarious because I a terrible painter/drawer.   The only thing that would be funnier is if I was singing with them.  However, I was able to assist and lead and that is what they needed.  We would find pictures in calendars/magazines and use that as our inspiration.  So funny. I had a great social life (with friends, not the seniors.  ha.). I was busy but had the time. I didn't watch any tv and had no desire to.

It's weird to go from that, to now.  The major difference now being that I have these three little people who require oodles of my time and energy.  My exercise is walking to Extra Food pushing a stroller.  Oh ya, and a big house with mortgage payments and vehicles that need to be repaired etc :) Oh and throw in that then I was getting about 8 hours of solid sleep a night, and well, last night I was up 3 times with a teething baby and have only slept through the night 4 times in the last 11 months.  I am not complaining about this, it's just a need to adapt to this change and where we are in life.

 If you know the `True Colours' categorization of people, I'm pretty much as gold as you get. Time orientated, punctual, wise with money, organized, planner, responsible, rule follower,  etc.  How does this look in life and relationships?  We like to help and keep things organized and are hardworking.  Family time is high on the priority list.  What stresses golds out in regards to something like being asked to donate/volunteer more than I feel capable of?  A lot going on at the same time and too many responsibilities.   

Anyway, thanks for `listening' and caring.  

I hope you have a great weekend.  We have something fun planned and I'll fill you  in later :)

Also, just in case you were wondering...OUR VERY FUN SUMMER TRIP begins in 79 days (we are actually going to Whistler before SE Asia).   Some people have asked if I plan on blogging while there and I think I would like to at least once/week.  I likely will not be editing our travel photos while there so I will just post  iPhone photos (which is all I seem to do now anyway!).  We'll see how the wifi is where we go...


PS I found this website which explains the True Colours personalities in marriage/relationships.  The gold is so me (I am also a touch of blue).  If you look at the bottom of that page, you can see what your colour is like.  If you don't know your colour, it's interesting to take the test...I think I've done it three times in my life at various professional development type things.  Interesting the important info for significant others.  Gary is green.  We are so different :)

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  1. Enjoy your weekend plans :) :)
    i think Alf is a gold and I am blue. i think...especially looking at the core value/needs at the top of them.