Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Food and Islands

To all the single ladies that read this, I have a piece of advice.  If you like to eat good food, look for a guy who loves cooking and baking.   And single guys, learn how to make some good food :)  I'm kind of joking but seriously, I LOVE that Gary loves being in the kitchen.  Yesterday he baked some soft pretzel buns.  Not so healthy but really good.  Yum.  Doesn't he look handsome with his slight beard too?  

Nya enjoying the banana chocolate chip muffins I made.  I changed the recipe to make them healthy but still added some chocolate chips :)
And, if you would like to see 11 seconds of cuteness.  Here she is waving and giggling in her `boy clothes' as Gary called them. 
A large portion of yesterday I spent researching various islands.  Most of our trip is planned except for 4 ish days in the Philippines where we will be on either Camotes Island or Bohol Island.  I'm leaning towards Bohol because there seems to be more activities to do and nature to explore.  Gary isn't a `beach' person and although I love it (and will be doing some serious snorkeling), I want to make sure we have a variety of activities. If it was just Gary and I, I wouldn't plan so much in advance but with 3 kids, it's a little more difficult to find good places to stay that can fit us all at a reasonable rate!  Also, being that it's a million degrees, we'll need a place with AC and a pool :)  Not really roughing it...
{Camotes Island photo taken from here}

{Bohol Island photo taken from here.  These are the `Chocolate Hills.   Bohol has amazing beaches too!!!}

Well, it's back to school today and I have to say that I am LOVING how quiet it is at home. No fighting!!!!!!

Have a great week!

Love, Louise

PS I did post on Sunday as well.


  1. I am sooo excited to see your pics from your trip. Will you be blogging while you go??

  2. That is GREAT advice to us single ladies ;) Those buns look delicious!!