Friday, October 12, 2012

Tackle Louise Chapman

After dinner, the boys love to bike or play soccer or football or hockey or...something active.  I love playing football with them.  Kai loves passing but Koen loves the tackling!  He just kept shouting, `Tackle Louise Chapman!'.  He's so cute.   He's also sick.  Just a cold, but he always gets it bad with his asthmatic breathing.  Thankful for humidifiers!  I had to keep him home from preschool yesterday.  Unfortunately my throat hurts this morning...better gargle with salt water. 

That's my Kai Bear, he got the throw off while being tackled:)  Nice follow through, bud!

I hope you have an awesome weekend!  I get to teach my first photography class tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it!  Also, I'm looking forward to wearing fall clothes.  I'm hoping the sun returns for next weekend (or at least the rain stays at bay) as I have three sessions then.

 You see the pants I'm wearing in these pictures?  I've had them since 2004.  I got them right before Africa (from my sisters for my bday).  The only time I was allowed to wear pants (trousers really, pants are underwear there), was when I got up to run early before people were awake.  I was in a really rural village where only men wear trousers.

 Kai Bear is a reading machine.  Last night in his book, he breezed through the word `photograph'.  Koen has taken a huge interest in drawing and writing his letters now!   He likes to draw a line for the sky, a line for the grass, and then a sunshine.  Then he draws one person and writes his name.   I love seeing him excited about it:)

Okay, better feed babe.  The sweetest little babe ever.  Who still gets up at 11pm and 4am.  

Love, Louise


  1. Well, look at this - you're in everyday pictures :) Yay Gary!
    LOVE that Kai still got the throw while being tackled - so awesome!
    Oh, fall weather in BC..i have 2 sessions tomorrow that I"m thinking are going to be cancelled. *sigh* hope the weather improves for you :)

  2. Kelly-I did have to ask him but still, thankful:)
    Hope you will be able to reschedule your sessions if it's rainy!

  3. I was juuuuust thinking it better not rain next weekend!

  4. Tackle Louise Chapman? That's awesome. Kids are so funny!