Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Sunshine

I don't want my last post up for too long so I'll put a new on up here.  I feel good so that's what I will focus on for now:)

My happy little baby makes my day. 
I made her some homemade brown rice cereal...she just sort of chewed the spoon and her bib.  She wasn't really into the food.  At dinner time, I just gave her some sweet potato that we were eating and she liked that more.  Kai was so excited to see her eating and said, `I will never forget this day as long as I live!'.  
Kai also said, in relation to the jam on his toast, `I am very impressed with this jam.  The flavour is just so intense!'.  He's funny.  Tessa, if you're reading, it was your jam:)  See the tulips in the photo?  Gary bought them for me.  That was nice.  Then he bought me beer.  That was much nicer.
And Koen, He's cute too:) His skin is nearly 100%.  He makes me laugh with this eagerness for learning.  It's a bit exhausting as he is a bit afraid to write a letter if he is not confident in his ability.  Kai did the same thing when he was that age.  Aren't the two of them so cute together? I'm excited to get a picture of all three together for our Christmas card...
The smile below is what I get to look at all the time.  Isn't she so cute (and bald)? 
We are meeting with Kai's teacher today.  I'm excited to hear how he is doing.

Last night I went to the Running Room as they have free running clinics on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.  I was so nervous as there were about 100 people there.  I found a girl about my age, standing alone, and asked her how it worked.  I joined the `Learn to Run 10km' group with her.  We just did 4 km yesterday and it was way slower than I would do on my own but at least I could run at night safely.  And the weird thing, I made a new friend to run with.  It was sort of awkward...much easier on facebook:) Ha. But sort of sad that that is true.

Have a great day!


  1. I'm so glad to hear about Koen's skin!!!
    love that you appreciated the beer over the tulips ;)
    cute expressions from Kai!
    and good for you for joining the running clinic...i've heard good things about those.

  2. Hey maybe I saw you yesterday, all those crazy runners at night! Glad you guys are all in a group ;) with lights on