Monday, October 01, 2012

Run For The Cure 2012

It was a beautiful day to Run For the Cure in Abbotsford.  All of my sisters, brother-in-laws and nieces and nephews were able to be there.  It's an important day for me to remember and honour my mom and to also run for the future.  You know, my sisters, nieces, and my baby Nya.  I guess I should say that I know breast cancer can also affect men, but ya, women are way more at risk.   I have been doing this run for probably 12 years. This year my goal was to run under 40 minutes.  I didn't know how long it would actually take me so that's why I gave myself a super attainable goal:)  I did it in 32:53.  Not bad!  I wasn't pushing myself, just slow and steady.  Seriously though, these extra 20lbs make it way harder to run.  Hoping they are gone by next year:)  And, because it matters to my family, for those that ran, the order was: Gary, Trish, Jan and then me:)  

Thank you to everyone who supported our team, `Greta's Girls'.  Maria's friend Tessa joined our team and all together we raised about $1300.00.  
Koen ran to the finish line 4 times, that is his favourite part.  I was actually moving quickly here even though it looks like I'm not going to make it:)  Kai ran/walked the 5km's with Uncle Tyler.
Terrible picture of Nya but it was cold.  Her pink toque is so cute:)  Thanks to Tessa for holding her during the walk.   Do you realize how cute babies are in hoodies?!  Very cute.
A little breastfeeding before the run..makes things a bit more comfortable:)  On that note, Nya has been a terrible breastfeeder the past two weeks.  Only good at night. Oh well, no choice, still love it and we're going to make it work!  Besides, it is good to help decrease your chances of breast cancer. 
My family.  Love these kiddos!!!
The team!  I thought we had everyone but noticed that Steve is missing from the picture.  Hard to get everyone together at once!  Looking forward to seeing all the babies walking the track next year:) Soooooo cute!
There's a picture of Steve (and Trish and Hannah).

On the topic of breast cancer, if you had the option to have genetic testing done to see if you had the breast cancer gene, would you?  


  1. I would first find out if my mother had the genetic type of breast cancer, then go from there. :) And yes, a memorable run for the cure ;).

  2. Jackie, yes, memorable:)

  3. That's so cool! Great pictures from the day :)

    I think if breast cancer was in the family, i would go for regular check ups/mammogram's, but I'm not sure I"d get tested for the genetic side of things.

  4. Way to go! I love that your whole family pulls together to help raise money and fight the cause. That's amazing!

  5. im very proud of us runners - goal was to run it under 40 and we all did it!!
    has it really been 12 years of running it?