Monday, October 15, 2012

Cuteness and Traveling

{Terrible title but babes is crying in the monitor}

We had a good weekend.  I think what made it good is that it wasn't busy.  All of us have colds. Boo.  This means Little Miss Nya also has her first cold.  So far, she is handling it quite well.  She is so sweet and we all love her to bits.  When Kai comes home after school, the very first thing he does is run to find her. 

I can't believe she is almost 5 months old!  At this age I was already giving the boys food but I don't think she needs it at all.  She barely likes breastfeeding so I want to make sure she is filled up on milk before anything else.   I don't know how she grows with how little (in quantity) she drinks.   She's long though!  She's in 6-9 month clothes already:)  Also, and this is the weird part of me, I sort of don't want her to eat solid foods because that means she's growing up and I'M NOT READY!!!  I want to freeze time now.  
The only way I am ready for her to grow up is to get rid of all the baby paraphernalia that is taking up our whole living room.  We've gotten good use out of these items!  We have passed the swing on to a friend so I'm glad it's found a good home:)
This weekend I taught a photography class, here in my home.  I think it went well and I'm so glad I had Gary assisting me.  I'm not very good at figuring out everyone's camera dials, especially those Nikons.   It was good to see people from so many different areas of my life and ya, it went well!  Looking forward to doing it again next month.  I think it's great for the slower photography months (November-January).
Last weekend we had the extended Chapman family photos.  I've got some pretty good looking nieces and nephews, eh? It's always impossible to get a good full family shot with all of us but the rest turned out well.  We did it under the Mission bridge which was a fun location.  I've always wanted to see that railroad track that goes over the water and it would be a great place for photos in the future.

I'm really starting to think I want to book our SE Asia trip but I'm trying to figure out how it will work best for our family.  If it was just Gary and I, we'd travel way more and not plan so much.  With kids? I'd rather stay in fewer places and have all our hotels booked.  We will see!!  The current plan is to visit Chiang Mai, Thailand and then travel around the Philippines.  

Finally, our church is doing a trip to Uganda to support a family (with 7 kids!!) that have gone there for over a year.  They are working on leadership and in the orphanages there.  I REALLY want to go. I LOVE east Africa and miss it a whole lot.   It's for 2 weeks over Spring Break.  I'm not sure that I'll be able to though...I wouldn't be able to leave Nya at home and I'm not sure that they'd let/want me to bring her along.  We will see!  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Love, Louise

PS Kai's school photos were so bad!!!  Thank goodness we don't buy them. Wow.


  1. Looks like you children have all older cousins on the Chapman side. Nice looking group!

  2. brush up on "those nikons" ;)