Tuesday, October 23, 2012

8 Quick Things

1.  I signed up for a 10 km race in February.  If I want to be sure to actually run, it helps to pay $50 for a race admission:)  I signed Gary up too.  I also may have bought my most expensive pair of running shoes to date.  They were 20% off and I had an additional $10 off coupon, but still.  I was that salesman's dream.  If you are curious, they are Brooks Glycerin 10.   They should pretty much run for me, right?:)  The last time I ran 10 km's was in December 2004 in the Aids Run in Nairobi, Kenya.  A woman finished ahead of me wearing a skirt and dress shoes.  I am doing a run/walk program and started on Sunday.

2.  I was able to do all three photo sessions this weekend!  So thankful for good weather.

3.   Somehow I am now able to fit into my pre pregnancy jeans!!!!  This does not mean that it looks pretty right above the waist where everything squishes and  seems to go, but, at least I fit in them again:).  I should probably go for my blood test to make sure my thyroid is behaving.  It's time.

4.  I am not going to Uganda with our church.  Many reasons but mostly I won't leave Nya at home, I would rather go for a longer time, and, I would rather go with my family.  Gary says let's work on our SE Asia trip first, before we plan our trip to Africa.  I guess he's right: )  Right now, the plan in my head, is that it would be perfect for us to go in 2014.  For a year.  Probably teaching in either Uganda or Kenya.  We will see!  I really hope a great opportunity arises in one of the two schools that I'm looking at.

5.  Any one else nervous about SIDS ?  I have a hard time saying goodnight to Nya at night.  I know there's nothing I can do about it.  I was this way with the boys too.  Until they were one.  You don't know how many times I've gone in there and poked her to make sure she was okay.

6.  The sermon at church this week was about community.  Nothing new.  One thing really stuck out though. He said, `The requirement for true intimacy is chunks of unhurried time.  If you think you can fit deep community into the cracks of an overloaded schedule-think again.  Wise people do not try to microwave friendships...you can't do community in a hurry...'.  

I have made the decision lately to do less work (ha, don't I always make this decision?) because why the heck am I working so much?  We don't need that much money for our lifestyle/life.  I have said `no' to so many people but I need to.  I am planning to fill that time with more exercise for my health but also for more time with my family/friends.  Also, there are times when people need a hand and that way I'm more available.  I will say that nothing makes me feel like poop than when people who are supposed to be a big part of my community are too busy for me/us.  Ha, now a bunch of you are like `Is she talking about me?!'.  Nope, the ones who are too busy likely don't have time to read this:).

7.  Anyone watch `Parenthood'?  It's emotional right now.  Christina has breast cancer.  You would think it would be emotional because it's exactly what my mom went through.  No, it's emotional because I feel like it's going to happen to me.  Gary says I'm pessimistic.  I say I'm realistic.  It's got a good chance of getting me...or one of my sisters anyway.  That's 10 breasts.  That's a lot. And I'm the oldest.   Can't wait for my first mammogram.  Seriously.

8.  Kai goes to Friday night basketball.  I have no idea how people sign their kids up for something that is more than once a week!  He loves it.  I wonder if he'll play for Gary one day:)   We have Parent Teacher conferences this week and I look forward to hearing how Kai is doing.  In my opinion, he is surpassing any academic expectations that I had for him.  Yesterday he told me he likes writing.  Awesome. Love it!  We read `Diary of  Wimpy Kid' together over this last week.  Wow, way more fun than Curious George.  Also, this week Kai started teaching Koen how to read.  It was the CUTEST thing in the world.  Koen was reading two letter words like; on, in, it, is etc.  So cute!!!  Kai was so encouraging.

I hope you have a wonderful day.
Love, Louise


  1. I had/have serious SIDS fears. Now that Elliott is 8.5 months, I worry less, but if I happen to wake in the night, I check on him. The first few nights he slept through, I woke up every few hours and checked on him. My dad suggested, instead of working myself up to being nervous and checking, I should just say a prayer instead, and then go back to sleep. I only had to do it one night, and now I sleep all night through, as soundly as Elliott. :)

  2. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I was/am the same way. I don't know that it was SIDS specifically, but I WAS worried I would go in there and she wouldn't be breathing. We (okay mostly just me, but my husband would indulge me) used to check on her frequently. Now, while the thought does linger in my mind once in a while, I just give it to God. I am okay with just looking it on her before I go to bed, and we all sleep soundly through the night.


  3. I was totally paranoid about SIDS with Noah. We got the angel care monitor though and that helped ease our anxiety ALOT! We also kept him in our room until almost 7 months. Planning to do the same with this next one!

  4. Must be something wrong with me or maybe I'm very naive...but I never even thought of SIDS with any of my children and I never think about me getting breast cancer or anything. I worry about stupid little things like driving in Toronto!

  5. Darn... I am a few episodes behind in Parenthood so I had a "gasp" and skip ahead moment. I like the running shoes!

  6. I love Parenthood :) Max's speech was perfect this week :) It really is a fairly well rounded show.

    And yes, I'm terrified of SIDS. Especially since some friends of friends just lost their two year old to it just before I got pregnant. Very rare and heart breaking! Maybe I shouldn't have told you that. I think I might be more neurotic with this one now!