Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Kids

Thank you to all of those who signed up for the photography classes as I only have a  few openings left!   Awesome.  I've spent hours putting together all of the info I want to teach so we'll see how it goes.  I still have a bit more to add.   So fun to be `lesson planning' again!

What's going on around here? 

Kai is loving school and his reading is crazy good.  He plays hockey every recess and has adjusted well to full days.  He is sort of going through this weird phase where he does really annoying things that I think he thinks are funny but they just aren't...they're just weird.  I think he's just figuring out appropriate behaviours for different situations.   It will be interesting to talk to his teacher to see if he's doing it at school too.  They do a sharing thing once a week and he was supposed to talk about his hockey stick this week.  When I asked him how it went, he re-enacted how he threw his stick down and did some sort of robot dance and said everyone laughed.  Now, I don't know if he was telling the truth or what but I hope he's behaving himself!  He has also started stretching the truth a bit.  

Nya is cute:)  You can see a picture of her here in her summer dress wearing her hat for the winter:)  I love it because I love Echinodermata (which includes sea stars) and it matches her eyes perfectly.  It's big enough to cover her ears and will hopefully last two winters!  You can see more of my friend Melissa's crocheting at Wild Arbutus.  Mel, I'll send you a picture of her wearing it this winter:)

I've never had a baby refuse to breastfeed.  The past two mornings, when she wakes up for the day at about 8am, she refuses to eat.  Maybe she's just full from her 4am feed still? So strange how little she eats but I guess I should relax about it because she is growing well.  It's almost 3pm and she's only had 2 `mini' feeds today.  That is very little for her even so hopefully she eats a ton this afternoon!  

And my Koen.  Oh my poor Koen.  He had to go for another blood test to check on his kidneys and after 3 pokes, they couldn't get it.  Obviously he was a little upset when I had to take him a few days later and thankfully he was brave and they got it on the first try.  In the end? His kidneys are fine.  He is doing well, but still, his molluscum is crazy bad.  I have him in long sleeves and long pants while all the other kids run around in shorts and t-shirts.  He can't spread it though, if covered up, so I'm thankful he can still participate.  People must think I'm a strange mom dressing him in winter clothes already.  It covers both thighs, his whole left arm and his torso.  Fortunately it's not too uncomfortable for him.  

He is loving preschool and I'm so happy for him that he gets to be a big boy now:)  He wasn't nervous at all to be there on his own but he did tell me that he was too shy to tell the teacher he had to pee so boy, did he have to go when he got home.  Silly boy.  I am really liking his preschool so far.
{not sure what he was eating but his teeth aren't really orange}

Koen is finally interested in writing his letters.  Well, only the easy ones like : O, C, V, T, and I:)

Koen has also entered the `Terrible Threes'.  I'm not sure if it's because he's tired, but he used to go to `Time Out' willingly and happily (seriously) and now he still goes but man, he screams and cries.  This also happens sometimes when he needs to go to bed etc.  I guess I can't complain as he has been a pretty easy going fellow up to this point:)

Gary is good.  He's enjoying work so far.  I'm so glad I have a husband that loves his job!  He's busy planning his hiking trip which will be coming up soon.  I think we may have to go on a date soon. By the way, if you want to donate to `Run for the Cure', Gary just needs $10 to reach his goal:)  There is a tab at the top to donate.

I am doing well.  Happy. Content. Hoping everyone stays healthy.

Have a great Thursday evening!
Love, Louise

PS Blogger forced me to use the new template today.  Do you bloggers use the new one?  How long does it take to get used to?


  1. Firstly, the way you talk about Sounds like you are describing a mini-Gary (besides being socially awkward). AND Nya is cute in that hat! actually, she kinda looks like Anneya!

  2. i LOVE that toque! where did you get it? i need a big one for hannahs huge beanie. and poor koen:( but luckily the weather is starting too cool down!!

  3. Nut, my friend Melissa made it. You can find her on facebook at `Wild Arbutus'.