Friday, September 14, 2012


If you haven't read the post from yesterday, read that first:) As the day progressed, the bumps covered his face and his entire body and I was worried we would be in quarantine for years (sort of joking but not really).

Okay, so I had terrible dreams all night last night that I was covered in Molluscum too. It has been so tough keeping Koen away from Nya and all her toys etc. I was really, really upset last night.

Today I made a doctor's appointment to talk to him about how it progressed so quickly over his entire body and I'm so glad I did!!!!!!!

1. He still does have Molloscum but `only' about 200 that are on his torso and upper arms and legs. Totally safe as he will be covered so no one can get it unless they are wrestling with him with shirts off or something.

2. The rest of his body is covered in atopic dermatitis. Koen has always had very sensitive skin and eczema. We use a very safe detergent and he never has soap on his body. He often had flare ups that I didn't even realize were flare ups. Whenever he was in my inlaws hot tub, he had a major rash and I thought it was chemical irritants. He often has a rash on his face and I couldn't tell what food it was from. All of this is due to dermatitis. So, what triggers it? Well, I can tell you this time it was due to a whole lot of swimming. He has spent an average of 5 hours a week in the pool, the last time being about 2 hours on the weekend. Thank goodness that's all it is. Yahoo!!! I got some great cream that I can put on him and he can even wear the cream swimming to prevent it from getting worse. This is a lifelong condition but it should get better as an adult. And, you know, I don't care if he has all these red dots because it's not contagious.

So, I talked to the preschool teacher and it's totally fine for him to go back as long as he has on long sleeves and pants (pray for cooler weather because sweating makes his dermatitis worse!).

PHEW. Although the Molluscum is still yucky:(
Every post needs a picture. Let's stop thinking about rashes for a second by looking at this cutie pie:) PS Sisters, does this shirt remind you of mom's favourite pink plaid shirt? The one she wore to Ani's baptism?


  1. molloscum is still awful, but i'm so glad the rest is 'just' his dermatitis! Hoping the weather cools so he'll be comfortable in longer clothes.
    LOVE that pic of Nya - such a cutie!

  2. Glad there was some good news in the rash department and that is sure a cute photo of Nya!


  4. yup - i definitely see how that adorable flannel top looks like moms.. she is a beautiful baby, and such a happy one too!