Monday, September 03, 2012


Later I'll have the whole `Oh my goodness!! It's back to school!!' post but for now, here's some pictures from our weekend.

We went to the Surrey Museum for it's free lego exhibit! They had a scavenger hunt which made it way better. I secretly enjoyed searching the exhibits for specific lego guys.

This afternoon I'm doing a bunch of mini sessions to raise money to sponsor a child (or children!) in Sierra Leone. I'm a bit nervous about it, just because it's something different and last minute, but I think it will go well!

And, just to show you Nya's dress for church this week. Sweetapotamus!
Talk soon!
Love, Louise


  1. that looks like such a fun place to visit; I'll be the boys LOVED it :)
    hope all goes well this afternoon! Great idea, great cause, great weather!

  2. Anonymous11:14 AM

    The last pic is like looking at a baby Louise . . wow, your daughter sure looks like you!!

  3. love the dress! SO MANy memories..wasa fav of samis! Nya is lookin more like you lou!