Monday, September 24, 2012

4 Months Old

My little baby is 4 months old.  Tomorrow she will get her immunizations so we'll see how big she is but I think she is just 14lbs.  She is still long and lean.  We are coming off of a 5 day nursing strike.  My boys never did anything like that so it was a bit stressful.  She would only breastfeed when she was super sleepy and she would bite me continuously.  Like, many, many times in a row.  However, little miss does not take a bottle so we made it work.  And today, dare I say, she has started breastfeeding normally again.  I'm pretty sure it was hormonal changes as my hair is really starting to fall out etc.

She is so, so, so easy going.  The only time she is upset is when we are driving.  She is a giggling machine.  I love, love, loooooooooooooooooooooooove the giggles!!!  She wakes up laughing...what a great sound to hear:)  Happy, happy girl.

This weekend we had a wedding in Coal Harbour and being that Little Miss does not take a bottle, we had to bring a babysitter with us:)  The boys went to grandma's and I hired my sister for the day.  She spend time walking around Robson, Stanley Park and Starbucks etc so that I could just feed Nya one time for maybe 10 minutes.  What a little monkey.   A cute monkey.  Apparently she was super well behaved and I'm not surprised.  Thank you Auntie Jackie!

Today we babysat Hannah for a bit.  She makes Nya look so small!  Hannah loved seeing Nya and pretty much tried to put everything in her mouth. It will be so fun to see all the babies being buddies when they are three or so:)

Koen's skin is starting to get better on his torso.  His arm and legs are still not great.  So, I'm thinking/hoping/praying that by November he should be pretty good.   Maybe. At least the weather is now cooler!
{Koen loves his bubbi more than anything in the world.  He always rubs the ear under his nose:)}
The boys continue to love and miss each other every day.  When they came home from grandma and grandpa's on Saturday they were craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.  That, my friends, is why we do not give them sugar.   Here's a typical picture of them.  They love to `set the scene' and then have us take a picture of them:)
I should add that they wanted to hire a photographer for this.  They paid 11 cents.  Then, they put on a show that cost 11 cents to watch.  Win win.

School is going well for Kai.  The one place I notice a change is his reading.  He read `The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein to me last night.  He just couldn't get `straightening'.  It's very fun to see him reading to his siblings too.

On Sunday we went to my sisters church as baby Georgia got baptized.  Our family took up two pews:)

Time to go for a bike ride with Koen.  He feels like such a big boy with his training wheels and it works well if I'm pushing Nya in the stroller alongside him.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!
Love, Louise


  1. Thanks Gary for taking those pics. One less thing to worry about, I know great pics will be taken :) Nya - 4 months, time is going waaaay too fast. I can't believe she is sooooo content. You are very, very lucky. Trish said she just hangs out by herself for an hour ? That's crazy!!! Enjoy! Koen - glad you are getting better! Kai and Koen's setting the scene equivalent to us putting on shows for mom and dad growing up, but you don't have ot sit through hours of "plays"

  2. super great shot of you and nya, louise!

  3. Love the photo of you and Nya!!