Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not My Favourite Day

So, I think Tuesday made the top 10 of my least favourite parenting days ever. It was a combo of no sleep (Nya's first noticeable growth spurt), 3 visits to the doctor in 2 days for Koen, a blood test and urine test for Koen, and having to do that last doctor visit with all three kids. In that visit (such a small room), Koen was jumping on the chairs and yelling, Kai had a bowl of cereal along (?) and dumped some on the ground and ate it (in the doctors office aka Germ Central) and Nya finally pooped after a couple of days. I almost cried. Instead, I sort of yelled at the kids in the office. It was terrible. It wasn't my family doctor, it was a clinic which is not my favourite place.

ANYWAY...ya, back to school=Koen is sick. He has three things so if you never want to hang out with us again, I understand. A cold. No biggie. Strep throat. Really? On antibiotics so no longer contagious. Molluscum Contagiosum. So gross. Has anyone else's kids ever had this? The virus lives only in the skin rash/bumps so can only be transferred if you touch the bumps. Most people have about 20 but with Koen's skin you can bet we're way over 100 already and heading to 1000. How long does it last? Oh you know, 2 months to 2 years. So far we can keep them all covered with his clothes but I'm praying for colder weather so he can wear pants and long sleeves AND I'm praying they don't spread to his hands or face. If they do spread to where they could come into contact with others, he will be very lonely:( His blood test indicated a problem with his kidneys so we need to have him retested this weekend.
Thankfully the rash is just ugly and isn't itchy or anything like that.
Nya is lovely. She rolled for the first time yesterday, from front to back. It totally freaked herself out:) She weighs 14lbs and is very, very long. I looked back at Kai's baby photos and they are totally twins with Nya just being more feminine looking. I don't know if it's because I am unable to have more babies but I really want more. It's not that I want to be pregnant, I just love babies. Fortunately I have sisters and friends that will have more and hopefully that will be enough:) Otherwise, adoption is always an option if my husband is on board...he's not quite as much of a fan of more kids as I am.
School work time for Koen:) He has known all his letters and the sounds they make for about a year but he has zero desire to write any letters. So, we mostly colour:)
I have a girl and I dress her in blue...can't help it, her eyes are blue:) She loves being in the bjorn facing out now.
And a necklace from Kai. This was the conversation:

Kai: Look mommy, I made you you this beautiful necklace.
Me: Oh thank you!
Kai: It will cost you $1.00.
Me: What?
Kai: Well, usually jewelry costs like $50 so I just saved you $49!

He did end up giving it to me for free. As soon as he comes home from school I quickly put it on:)
Kai is doing well at school. He's very tired from the long days (he's there from 7:30am until 4:15pm) and harder school work but so far, so good. He does not like reading for fun but he's a great reader. I think he would just like to play ball hockey all day. He brings his stick with him to play at recess.

I have not done much exercise in about 3 weeks which makes me feel terrible. I just have no energy by the end of the day:( If I don't have enough sleep I don't like to expend more energy. Hopefully I will get back on track soon, I just need to figure out how to work it into my day to day. If I didn't have to work during the day, then I could def. exercise. We will see.

Hope you are all doing well and germ free!


  1. I have never heard of Molluscum Contagiosum - hope it clears up quickly - up to 2 years? yikes! I hope his kidneys are fine - scary stuff.

    Interesting that you still long for more children despite your adventure at the doctor's office on Tuesday, sickness and your tiredness!

    By the way, your living/dining area of your home is lovely. I spotted the canvas of your new family picture - very nice spot for it!

  2. Taeya had molloscum and it's no fun. She had maybe 20 total, and not all at once, but it spread over a year + time period. with hers, once they opened i would put a bandaid on it to prevent spreading. my understanding was that they were only contagious once open. I have read also about having baths with vinegar in them to help. do a little google search to help get rid of them. not fun at all - so sorry for your rough day :(

  3. Sorry to hear that there is sickness going on and you had a tough time at the Dr.'s office. I hope the rest of the week goes well.
    Nya is such a beauty!!!

  4. Silas just finished up a bout of Molluscum. I won't tell you how long he had it... it will make you sad. Most kids have it for under a year, and if Koen is anything like Silas it will come and go in waves of getting better and worse.

    My doctor told me that it is about as contagious as warts, in fact it is in the wart family, so as long as other kids aren't rubbing skin directly with his bumps, it will be hard to pass on which is comforting.

    We used various treatments with varying success. Apple cider vinegar in small doses applied with a Q tip, but that was really time consuming. Tea tree oil. But finally what cured Silas' was taking a drug that actually is used sometimes as an anti-ulcer medication... I believe it was called Cimitedine. Apparently years ago it was discovered that it also works on Molluscum. A fluke, but many doctors prescribe it for this use. It worked like a charm. The bumps FINALLY left over the past couple weeks.

    Good luck!