Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Canada Day Long Weekend

Oh man, I've realized our summer is going to be a little less fun this year. It's really just about settling in as a family and doing some day trips. I am so thankful for all I have but at the same time, I do wish that it was a bit more adventurous. It will come, I know. That's just the reality of 3 kids with one being 6 weeks old.
The boys love being with `little sister' (that's seriously what we call her all day) when she is awake, and so far, they have been very gentle with her. She is so consistent with her 3 hour schedule. Eat, change, awake for a total of one hour, back to sleep. Her baby acne is gone and she is way more alert.
In our Canada Day clothes. Koen wasn't so excited about Canada Day:) He was over his flu but still really tired. As always, we went to McLeod Park in Langley to celebrate and see Bobs & Lolo. Unfortunately their show was at 6pm which was way too late for our kids (Koen needs to be asleep by 6:30pm unless you want a monster on your hands) so it was all good until about 15 minutes into their concert. We did end up leaving half way through as Koen was a major grumpapotomous.
Before the concert though, we went on a few rides with Ani and Izzy...

I think a lot of our summer will be me hanging out with Nya and Gary doing activities with the boys. Last night I had my first night out and SHE TOOK A BOTTLE. You don't know the stress of this (well, you might!) as it took a good 2 weeks to get Koen to take one. So, I left right before a feed with a freezer stocked full of milk and several bottles to try. She took two bottles while I was gone (for just 2.5 hours). We need to keep this up because I'm going to be gone for full days in August (for weddings). Anyway, MAJOR celebration here.
I feel like I really worked hard taking care of the kids and house for 6 weeks while Gary finished work and now I need some time to recover from that. It didn't help that the weather was terrible so it was a lot harder entertaining the kids. To people who have parents that volunteer to come and help them for days on end, be so thankful, that's all I can say! In regards to relaxing, part of that is reading! I read `The Art of Hearing Heartbeats' (so good!) and I'm almost done `Two Kisses for Maddy'.

Gary took the boys berry picking at Krause farms. I stayed home with Nya as I wasn't about to pick strawberries with her in the bjorn. I will probably go with them when we pick raspberries! Gary never takes pictures of our family unless I ask him too so I'm thinking there will be a bunch of activities not documented this summer.
And, I'm starting training for a 5km run. It's such a slow start but I know it's a healthy way for me to do it. Gary is gone all day today so I started yesterday instead. It was super easy with a walk, then run, then repeat. I did the first bit with Kai and then brought him home. Unfortunately, I get really bad headaches from exercise. Usually when I sweat a lot so not sure why it happened yesterday as there was no sweating. I'm assuming it was dehydration and I'll just have to really, really hydrate myself next time. Hope you all started ALI, TERRI, MARIA, and ASHLEY (and maybe HALEY?) !!! The program is in a tab at the top of the blog for your convenience:)
Yes, we are bathing her in her room because it's the only room with heat! I refuse to turn on the heat in July.

Well, Gary is gone all day to a lighting seminar so I better get going....

Hope you had a great long weekend!
Love, Louise


  1. Koen's face in your Canada Day picture made me laugh out loud!

  2. AWESOME news about Nya taking the bottle - YIPPEE!!!! :)
    way to get started with this 5k training!

  3. I know - I LOVE Koen's grumpy face in the Canada day photo ;). And you're such a nice mom, bathing her where it is warm...:)

  4. I just finished 2 kisses for Maddie...!sad but good...
    I haven't attempted a bottle yet, Amy refused it! I'm scared to even try with E.!

  5. I love that Nya will take the bottle! I was afraid Elliott wouldn't, but he's pretty much happy to take anything, as long as breast milk comes out of it! haha!
    I started the running program too, on monday (changed it a bit so that Sunday would be a rest day). Felt GREAT. Although, I'm a little side tracked now because I took a big spill last night and smashed my knee bad. Restarting next week when it will be better, hopefully.

  6. Good for you for starting back to running! I have only begun to consistently run again this year.
    That is great that Nya took a bottle and will be such a relief for you when you get back to photography sessions.
    I love the photo of you and the 3 kids too!