Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 Weeks Old

Things around here have been busy but good. Busy taking care of 3 kids, getting ready for Kai's birthday party, editing a million pictures and getting ready for another wedding this weekend!
I'm working quite a bit July/August because I have Gary home. That way, I will be able to take it much slower when he goes back to work. And besides, he makes every single dinner. Yup, and a good one at that. Tonight he even made a peach and cherry pie for dessert. I know I'm spoiled in that department.

I woke up this morning to Nya giggling away in her crib. How cute is that?! I'm not going to talk about the bottle situation again until it is successful but I think we are getting closer.
I have committed to the following three things:

1. Exercising 3 days a week for a minimum of 20 minutes. I'm currently on week 5 of 6 of my running program and able to run about 25 minutes straight! I am not playing football this fall which is sad but it just doesn't work very well for our family. Especially since Kai is in school full time, we will want Saturdays to be family days.

2. Using 3 cloth diapers per day. It's really an environmental thing, and if I have them, I should probably use them. The main reason I don't like to? This sounds terrible but then she can't wear her cute clothes.

3. Only accept 5 sessions per month. I am currently booked until the end of October!
I think the best investment we made was our trampoline. Seriously, the kids use it for a minimum of 1 hour per day. I love it.
I'm starting to research our trip to SE Asia for next summer. We are for sure going to the Philippines and trying to figure out where else we will go. Malaysia? Thailand? Indonesia? We will only go once in our lives so we want to make it worthwhile. We plan on going for one month. I know it's a bit crazy to take three kids, one being just one years old, but we want to do multiple international trips with our kids so we might as well start now. We will be visiting our friends in the Philippines which we are really looking forward to! If anyone has any recommendations/connections, please let me know!

Have a great week.
Love, Louise


  1. I just had to say, WOW!! Nya is absolutely adorable!! What a sweet smile.

  2. What a cute little 10 week old - She looks so happy!
    Why can't you wear cute clothes with cloth diapers? We just bought AppleCheek cloth diapers for our grandchild who is to be born in October - they don't look too bulky to me?

  3. I think it's awesome that you guys are traveling internationally with your kids! What an experience! You should read the book One Year Off. It's about a family of 5 that travelled the world for a year.

    Ps - I don't k ow what cloth diapers you are using but we are using tender tushies which are pretty slim. We've been able to put Noah in all his regular clothes so far!

  4. Maybe diapers have changed in the last few years (we're using Mothereae ones from when Kai was little) but there's no way she can fit her cute leggings over them without stretching them out like crazy. I'm waiting til her legs plump up a bit and then I can put `baby legs' (like leg warmers) on her. With the boys it wasn't a problem because they didn't wear leggings;)

  5. Weezer I LOVE Nya's blue eyes. Cute little girl there! I love that she woke up giggling! Crazy!!

  6. Your baby is amazingly cute!