Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2 Months Old

Wow, time has flown. Nya had her shots today:( She cried and screamed in pain which I've never heard from her before. I had a few tears of my own. However, I know it's better than her getting really sick later on.
{You should see the CUTEST purple vintage carriage that I have for her 6 month photo session! It will be on our GC Photography site sometime next week for a one year old session that I had, but ya, I love purple!}

She is growing so well!!
Length: 24" (97th percentile)
Weight: 12lbs (75-90th percentile)
Head: 40.5" (90th percentile)

She is so full of smiles and starting to make some really cute sounds. Somehow I haven't really been taking as many pictures of her lately. I have a feeling that once she's sitting up I'll take a ton more:)

Her personality is evident already. She is relaxed and easy going. She is not a big eater and you could hold her off for an extra hour or two if you wanted to (the boys would NEVER go longer than 2-3 hours). I hope she doesn't turn into a picky eater though, that would never work in this house!! Talking about milk, she spits up all the time. 24/7 her shirt is wet. She just wears a bib constantly and we do a lot of laundry:)

Koen took 2 weeks to learn how to use a bottle and Nya is on to week 3 at least. We do it every day and after an hour she takes it (when she's falling asleep from the exhaustion of fighting it!). Either she's stubborn or she just can't figure it out. Either way, if it doesn't end up working, I'll just have to get my babysitter to take her to me so I can breastfeed her while Gary does family portraits or something.

And, I'm nervous to say this, but YAHOO, she started sleeping through the night!!! Kai was 6 months and Koen was 18 months but Ms. Nya has started doing it this last week. I give her her last feed somewhere between 6-9pm and then she sleeps til about 5 am (I feed her then and she goes back to sleep for another 3-4 hours). Today she slept til 6am so after I fed her, I put her back to sleep and I got to work for a couple of hours. It's so interesting because I've done nothing different with any of the kids and they are all so different. I am very well rested which makes me a much nicer mommy:)

The boys love her and we all refer to her as `babes'. Koen thinks she is the cutest and Kai likes to make her smile. They don't spend a lot of time with her but they do love when she is awake. They also like to introduce her to everyone we meet:)

I am totally recovered from my C-section and have been running for 3 weeks now. I feel good and just have a solid 15lbs to lose. I'm not in a big rush but it isn't fun running with the extra weight. Oh, and I wouldn't mind finally having one wardrobe and not 3 different ones (maternity, in between and normal size).

Well, babes is wanting to eat now so I better go. I just have to say that I am so incredibly thankful for my baby girl. I love her to pieces and I love that I have a daughter. I am so thankful that she is healthy and growing so well. She adds a touch sweetness to this family which makes me smile.

Have a great day.
Love, Louise


  1. Nya sounds like a dream baby!

  2. what an ADORABLE little girl you have. Just a cute little thing!! :) (and by 'thing' I mean baby!! hehe)

  3. she's so long! were the boys like that too?