Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Sister

I've been given permission to share that my sister Maria is back in the hospital. In her previous pregnancy, she had post partum hypertension which landed her in critical care 10 days after Kenzie was born. Due to that, she was closely monitored throughout this entire pregnancy. Unfortunately, 9 days after Georgia was born, Maria's blood pressure spiked and she was admitted on Monday. She is still there.
{One hour after Georgia was born}
She needs another person with her when she is there (on the maternity ward) because she is not able to take care of Georgia with the drugs that she is on. The nurses are not allowed to watch Georgia because it is Maria that is the patient. Maria wants Georgia there for bonding and also breastfeeding. Fortunately Kris is on paternity leave so he can take care of the 3 other kids. Family has been chipping in and helping out where they can. I would just ask that you please think of her in your thoughts/prayers as she really wants to get home to be with her family again.


  1. I certainly know what it is like being in the hospital and away from your family. It is really hard! I will definitely pray for a speedy return home. So glad that Maria has a lot of support with her family. :)

  2. Hope & pray that your sister improves soon and is able to be back home. It's hard for you sisters to help much with babies of your own.

  3. Thinking of her and you guys.

  4. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Praying. Dear God. We trust you with Maria. We pray that she will sense your prescence during this difficult time. Heal her body. Show your power God. Amen