Friday, July 27, 2012

Green Lake

We had a quick 3 day vacation to Green Lake (my dad has a house there). The boys loved the water, the sand, playing baseball, the quad, and eating snacks:) I do love how `easy' it is to go there...all the comforts of home (except internet and tv which is good/bad!!).
{The boys did go swimming}

Nya traveled very well both ways, but man, she did not want to nap. This has been the way she's been acting the last month...maybe 45 minutes naps. Then, we have to hold her for another 10 minutes and she'll go back to sleep. Let's be honest, it's usually Gary that does because I don't have the patience:) At least the nights are still good!! We are still sticking to trying to get her to take a bottle. Tonight it took 2 hours for her to take 3.5oz. I feel so mean but I don't know what to do. She never has a good latch on the bottle. She just chews on the bottle's nipple and swallows what comes out drop by drop. Anyone else have a baby that did that? I am two seconds away from giving up. The ONLY reason I care is for weddings where someone other than Gary will have to try to give her a bottle.
{The boys loved roasting hot dogs and marshmallows!}
{Nya is starting to grab on to toys!}
{The very same arbour where we said our `I Do's}

I remember on our honeymoon, Gary and I ran into a woman who was there (at the spa and resort) by herself. She said that every year she left her kids and husband for a few days and went to the spa. In my head, I couldn't believe it. Why would someone WANT to leave their husband and kids to vacation by themselves? I so get it now. Except, I would probably take Gary. Probably. Love my kids, but man, I NEED A BREAK!!!

{And today Koen started riding a bike with training wheels. We're not cool enough to have a run bike. We should but ya...}

Okay, better head to bed. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Love, Louise
PS I ran 22 minutes straight!! Go me!!


  1. Emma won't take a bottle unless it uncomfortably warm. Maybe practice during "off" times with soother, even if she just spits it out?!? The bottle may seem interesting after that??!!
    Amy wouldn't take a bottle for nothing until one day in her vibrating chair she decided she liked it. Coincidentally this was right after she decided she liked a soother.(around4 mo)

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Hey Louise:) You could just take the pedals off the bike and make sure his feet touch the ground, that is how we made our 'run bike'. Works great and super cheap:)

  3. It looks like you had a great time as a family away. A "holiday" sure is different with young kids though. I never really find it truly restful.

    I am not an expert as Aiden was my only child to take a bottle at a young age but I do know for him he needed a really quick flow nipple. My let down was so strong that he got frustrated with having to work so hard at the slow nipples. Maybe this might help? He also didn't take a bottle well until he was a little older. I hope Nya starts to enjoy the bottle more so you can relax while you are working.

  4. the lake was warm enough for the boys to swim? looks so fun! thats a great idea - mom at the spa away from children and hubby. even for one day, so nice. u should do it!

  5. I agree, you should do it...and not feel guilty about it! I have recently realized how much I miss my moments of solitude from pre-kid times so I am going to try to make time for solitude :).
    Also, I did 3 20ish minute runs last week, so pretty good. Thanks for the push!

  6. I love some time away by myself! Hard to do with young children though.