Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wild Weekend

Not sure if you can see the tooth, I'll have to get a better picture but there it is! He's been up pretty late every night. Last night we (all 3 of us) sat on our front steps wrapped in a blanket and watched all the people and cars going by, he loves that. Sometimes a doggy even walks by which of course is the best thing ever!

Here is our patio set. I don't think you'll understand my excitement at getting it but I have been religiously checking flyers for over a year now to find one that is under $150.00, has an umbrella, and looks like it will, here it is! Gary was not as excited because he likes to point out that why would we get a patio set if we don't even have a patio...kind of makes sense. I think he's just mad that we had to move his bbq:) Haven't been able to use the patio set yet because of the rain but in my mind I have! I'm envisioning fun dinners outside on a nice summers eve.

A couple weeks ago, I found a bedroom set at a garage sale. This was perfect for our spare room (Kai's future room). The drawers were a strange blue so we sanded them and painted them navy blue. By we, I mean Gary:) So, here's Kai on his captain bed...

and playing at his new desk.

Okay, so as for the title, it wasn't wild at all. Sorry if you were looking forward to some crazy fun stuff! Friday night I had my residence advisor reunion out at UBC. I was an advisor there for 3 years and it was a whole lotta reminiscing as I was driving in. My 5 years at UBC were fantastic and probably the most fun I've ever had. Don't get me wrong, life is good now, but a different kind of fun with perhaps more depth to it if that makes sense. Wow, the memories though. Living with all of your friends, having food made for you, the sports, parties, fun classes, cute lab partners, and wow, it was great. Besides, UBC campus is beautiful. I would def. recommend to everyone to live on campus to get the full experience.

Saturday, Gary and I were def. wild as we aerated our lawn and planted some flowers. We also went out for dinner to Red Robins and I had a fantastic dinner; Bruschetta Chicken Burger...mmm it had pesto on a ciabatta bun and was oh so yummy. Kai was fantastic as long as we just kept shoving food in his mouth. He was also quite fascinated by his surroundings and all the fun stuff on the table, we def. don't go out for dinner with him very much! We finished off the night eating frozen yogurt and watching `The Prestige' which we both enjoyed.

Sunday, we went to church and then I finished my last paper for the course I'm taking. I'm not going to hand it in yet as I want to take a break and edit it later but it feels so good! Oh ya, we also got screens for 7 windows in our house! I know that seems kind of cheap not to get screens for all the windows, but, if we don't open a certain window all year, why would I get a screen for it?

That's about it! Have a great holiday Monday!

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