Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day

(By the way, the title is one of Gary's favourite songs)

Kai and Auntie Jackie playing in our front `yard'.

So sunny!

Playing in the backyard. He then proceeded to eat this flower....of course.

Out for a walk. The park nearest our house is being worked on as we speak, they are putting in a playground! Woohoo!

Kai has been kissing his teddy bears for a week now (with the `mmmmm' sound included!) and finally, he kissed me twice today!! Woohoo!

Gary taught him how to `High Five'! I love it!

It's been hard to get smiles out of him today as that top tooth is coming in slowly but surely. Have to say that when comparing homeopathic teething tablets to Tylenol, the Tylenol works best for him.
Also, I know I'm posting lots but it seems like every day he is now doing something new. I'm the kind of person who loves to look back at where I was exactly a year ago, a month ago etc. so I love to document stuff:)
On a side note, last night I played on Gary's softball team because they were short a girl. I was their catcher and I got one person out and when up to bat, I actually got to first. However, when I was on second, I leaned to peak at who was up to bat (because I couldn't see around the pitcher and I wanted to know what was going on) and I got called out for `leading off'! I was so embarrassed! I don't think softball is my game!


  1. that was a bad call. very frustrating to see. But I loved how everyone was over excited about every good play that we got, even the smallest stuff. It made for good laughs. Just remember you got that great out at home. Even Kai "yelled" for you that time :)

  2. Sure weezer...excuses excuses. We all know how competitive you are!