Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Finally!!! His first tooth is visible! Everytime he's been cranky over the past 5 months we've thought that maybe a tooth was coming. Finally, we can see why he has been up til 10pm every night this week! Only one corner of the tooth has broken through so hopefully the rest comes through and I'll get a picture of it:)
Also, he is now able to pull himself up at the toybox and he can move from the toybox to the chair and can stand without holding anything (for about one second:)). I think he will skip the crawling stage, he really does not like to be down on his belly as it sometimes makes him vomit. I don't like laying on a full belly either. Talking about his belly, its def. growing. He is now 22lbs.
I know I've been blogging a lot lately...I should be writing my final paper but I have no motivation. This is very unlike me as I usually get things done as soon as possible. True, its not due for 2 more weeks but once I finish it, it's done!!!!
Enjoy the sunshine all!


  1. Maybe it would just be better if we didn't get teeth because they we wouldn't have to pay so much money later in life to have them fixed!! (you can tell I'm thinking about my 2 hour dentist apt. Thurs) But, I like the foods I eat too much for that. . . The photos the last few blogs have been so cute!! You both manage to get so priceless ones. I love him looking at the seaweed- maybe another bio major comin' up!

  2. It's an exciting time in a young man's life the first tooth is. Soon he'll be able to gnaw steak... next thing you know he'll be shooting basketballs and he'll have arrived :) I hope you both are doing wonderfully.

    love stew.

  3. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Whoohooo!! Congrats Kai!

  4. hey!! Matthew weighs 23 lbs!! Kai is fast catching up to him and will soon surpass him (Matthew will soon be 3 ;p)