Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My favourite place

By `my' I mean Kai's. He loves his high chair with a little bread and cheese in front of him! Sometimes (like in this picture), the food is somewhere in his fist and he has to put his whole hand in his mouth to get it:)
I do have to say that I really enjoy each step in which he becomes a little more independent. I loved it when he started sleeping in his own room, sitting up, and now, feeding himself non slippery items:) I know people say to enjoy each stage, and I do, but I love each stage more than the previous and do not miss the early days one bit! I can't think of one thing that he did/didn't do in the first 2 months that I would want back again...maybe being able to sleep in his stroller? Falling asleep in my arms (after 45 minutes of standing up rocking back and forth)? Please don't think I'm a mean mom, I'm just being honest about what it was like for me.

Gary came back from grocery shopping last night (he likes to go once in a while to get himself some treat items that I would never buy because of the cost...things like a big block of real parmesan cheese) with an outfit for Kai. Gary does not buy clothes by himself ever. I thought it was really sweet. So what if Kai is almost 10 months old and its a size 6-9 months? So what if that colour green is not my favourite:) Gary pointed out that its great because its got cookie monster playing basketball, it was half price, AND its the old Hartford Whalers colours. Well, in that case, its a keeper?! Gary also said that I tend to have him in blue and khaki all the time...could be true:)

Here he is in the outfit that daddy picked out for him!
Finally, I'm getting nervous as summer is approaching because that means it will soon be back to school. I will be going back part time which is the great that it worked out but still, I am really nervous about how it will be to leave him for a full day at a time. I've left him for the entire day on several Saturdays due to football, but then he's always with Gary. I know he will be fine/safe/happy but I just feel like I will miss him and I hope I don't miss any fun developmental stuff. I'll have to try to get him walking before September! I have really loved being at home and enjoyed a slower, more relaxed pace of life. When someone asks what I am doing on a Saturday, I no longer have a list with at least 10 things on it, its more like `We'll see...not sure yet'. So calm. So much slower. I love it! I hope I can maintain that attitude when I return to work and with the hopeful addition of future children (not any time soon!). I love being able to go on walks during the day, bake cookies, watch a tv show, read a book, visit with friends or family...I know that these are the benefits of just having one kid and I hope the relaxing fun will continue if we have a second!

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  1. Yup he's pretty cute!
    NIce to see you enjoying the slow paced life. Let's hope you can keep it up with 5 kids running around and you working full time! :) Man...how did mom and dad do it?