Friday, May 18, 2007

My Monkey

Can't see the tooth in this picture but its there on the bottom just poking through. His poor gums are all red and bloody looking. The top one is also coming through.

He loves sticking out his tongue! I think it feels good on his gums.

He loves stretching out until he almost touches the ground and then pulls himself back up as fast as he can.

`Mommy, I'm gonna walk to you!' is what he's thinking but he's got a ways to go!
On a sidenote, there are so many cute little sundresses and pink hats out there, where's all the cute boy stuff?!


  1. I so agree about cute boy clothes. A lady in a store reminded me that there seems to be so much more girls stuff because they get to wear skirts and dresses and the boys are stuck with pants. Sigh. I've put in my order for a baby girl next time.

    Marty does the same stand-up/sit-down thing. Gotta wonder what's going through their minds!

  2. I actually got told by one person that I wasn't going to get any presents if I had a boy because there just weren't enough cute boy clothes! There are cute boy clothes out there, but you do have to dig a little more. And, it is a little different because people think they can throw a skirt on a girl at any point (not that they act ladylike or anything) but the only real equivalent for boys is suits and button-up shirts, and that's harder for people to let kids play in.

    Unfortunately, most of our cute boy clothes are all stained with spit-up, so they're not quite as cute as they once were, otherwise I'd pass them on to you. We did see some incredibly cute stuff in a department store (think W) the other day...