Thursday, July 05, 2018

Green Lake 2018

Green Lake is a special place to us as it's where Gary and I got engaged and married! My parents built this house in 2003 and we try to go up at least once a year to enjoy it. The summer months fill up fast (it's rented out) so I booked way in advance in order to get a few prime days. Just the week before we decided to leave Baby behind with a friend so that she would get a lot of attention and we would get some time to relax; one-year-olds are busy.

The drive takes about 4.5 hours but it's beautiful. As you go up the Canyon (Gold Rush Trail) you drive through tunnels right through the mountain and it's nice to have a change in scenery from the rainforest in the Lower Mainland.

The kids spent a lot of time playing board games. I would say that they maybe play one board game per YEAR at home but here they played a lot. Maybe I shouldn't have thrifted all of our old games...

I read an entire book and also ate way too many chips. I also napped. I'm not sure if it's my age (40 next month!) or just the accumulation of some tiring years but I am sure a lot more tired in the afternoon these days.

Nya has always had her own room and was so happy to share with Koen so that they could talk until 9 PM each night. They are in the bunk beds that were mine when I was a kid (and also my dad's when he was a kid!). They are metal and uncomfortable but great memories.

Up at the lake are two kayaks and a canoe. We also brought our inflatable stand up paddle board. Our kids don't have a lot of paddling experience so it was great to have them practice and even go out as a whole family.

The only "family photo" we took is below. 

It's pretty interesting the boys' approach to adventure. Kai (typical oldest) is hesitant and contemplates the risks meanwhile Koen jumps in 100% with great enthusiasm. At one point Koen was without a life jacket and paddle floating away in the kayak.

No fire ban yet so we enjoyed hot dogs over the fire. I don't love hot dogs but when on holidays...

The boys were wrestling and Koen ended up going in. And got a leech. Yuck.

Very thankful for the use of this HUGE house and all waterfront activities! We also went biking on the quad trails and for a family walk where we saw deer and foxes.

The mosquitoes were wild and they love me so I didn't spend as much time as I normally would outside.

Gary loves being up at the lake. I like being there for a few days but then I know there is a lot for me to get done that I can't do there. I don't have a lot of data and the good old Internet is needed for things like registering the kids for activities and responding to social worker emails etc.

Thankful for safe travels and new memories made. I think holidays will be changing a bit in the years to come as Kai is now requesting that he be able to bring a friend along...


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