Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Weekend in Whistler

My 40th birthday is in August and my sisters and I were trying to figure out the perfect getaway. Well, you can never go wrong with Whistler! It's less than three hours away and offers something for everyone. I had three priorities for this trip (other than not parenting anyone): Peak Suspension Bridge, hiking Train Wreck Trail and eating good food. 

I've been asked how we all get along as sisters and I think I would have to say "pretty well". It's true that we all have our quirks but we know to expect them and how to deal with them. According to my sisters I'm a bit of a timeline fanatic. They would say things like "Okay you guys, Louise expects us to need just six minutes to use the bathroom and get ready before we move on to the next activity." I will not call out any of my sisters for their idiosyncrasies. Ahem.

On to the trip....

Jantina worked Friday so she drove up separately. We attempted the Peak Suspension Bridge on Friday but when we got up there the Peak 2 Peak and Suspension Bridge were both closed due to a thunderstorm. We made it to the top of the Whistler Gondola and it was pretty to look around.

A drink at the Whisky Jack's Umbrella Bar at the Roundhouse Lodge would've been lovely but it started raining. This has got to be the best view on a patio that I have ever seen.

If you are afraid of heights (like me!), the Whistler Gondola is not scary.

We were able to get a refund on our tickets to try to the next day as the lifts were closed at the top so we returned the next day. You can read all about that here.  I will also include the photo below so you can see what the open air chair lift to the bridge is like. Honestly my eyes were completely closed while I focused on my breathing for 14 of the 15 minutes that we were on that chair but I wish I could have videoed it for you. It. Was. Terrifying. You are going to the summit which is named "Top of the World Summit" so you can imagine just how high you go.

You can also probably tell I haven't been on a chair lift for almost 20 years.

Okay, on to something less terrifying. Saturday evening we walked around Lost Lake and ate out at a few places. Having a pregnant sister means you stop for poutine and french onion soup and pizza and...

Saturday morning we did some shopping where I bought a few things at Lululemon and the GAP (all on clearance except for a scrunchie) and had a snack break at Purebread which is a must if you like baked goods at all. I had a lemon blueberry scone in case you were wondering.

When in Whistler...

Once Jantina arrived we drove 15 minutes south to Train Wreck Trail. You turn left at Function Junction and then make a right onto Janes Road and drive about 800 meters. The hike is 3 km each way and is done in about 30 minutes. It's a beautiful walk which would be good for all ages.

A jogging stroller would be totally fine on this trail.

They built a new suspension bridge over the Cheakamus River which has a beautiful view. Jantina was terrified on this bridge so you can see why she didn't join us at the Peak Suspension Bridge. I *may* have forced her across. Face your fears?!

In 1956 a train derailed and there are seven cars scattered in the forest that have been turned into art. We only knew about five of them as there are two more in the downstream direction in case you are looking for them.

Always be aware of bears! Can you see the claw marks? The only bears we saw were when we were safe and sound in the gondola.

After the hike is when we went back up the Whistler Gondola to do the Peak Suspension Bridge. Two sisters stayed behind for that portion. My initial hope for dinner was to go to the Rimrock Cafe but I didn't make reservations in time so I will do that at a later date with Gary. Instead we went to Creekbread which was more casual and quite delicious. I'm a fan. If you do eat here, know that the upstairs heating is very hot because of the wood fired oven.

After dinner I'm pretty sure we just drank a beer or two in our pajamas back at the hotel and talked about life. So nice to catch up without any distractions and glad that we could get away together. Good thing Maria turns 40 in 18 months and we can celebrate again. Did you know all five of us girls are within eight years of age? Let the fun begin!


PS Big thank you to the loved one who gifted us a place to stay in Whistler as our birthday gifts, it was very much appreciated!

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